Nurse of the Year [Video] [Parody]

Nursing is very rewarding to most of us, but it’s good fun to laugh at a few nursing related jokes that are on the cynical side.

Besides, who there isn’t near enough nurse humor on the internet and there certainly aren’t enough funny nurse videos.

Medical Christmas Fun: Medical Glove Christmas Trees

glove Christmas tree

If you work in the medical profession then you have likely had to work your share of holidays.

Many nurses, paramedics, doctors, and other members of the healthcare team choose to make the best of this time and have quirky medical fun.

The following are some excellent examples of the weird sense of humor that many of use in the healthcare environment share.

I present to you Medical Glove Christmas Trees:

From the Trailer Park to the ER

From the Trailer Park to the ER

when fumbling through twitter today, looking for interesting people to follow, I happened upon Matthew Carpenter’s Twitter @MatCar35. In 160 characters he convinced me to now only follow his twitter, but to check out the book’s facebook page, and even share with you his book: From the Trailer Park to the E.R.

A Patient’s Family During a Code

laugh or cry

It’s not uncommon to hear nurses making jokes or talking about completely unrelated topics during a code. It’s a coping mechanism. It’s not that they do not respect the patient or the crisis, but if we actually stopped to think about the fact that a life is in our hands, then we would not be nearly as efficient at our roles.