Getting Into Healthcare IT and Informatics

It can be challenging to transition into healthcare IT and informatics, but one piece of advice I often give nurses and others looking to make the change is to learn about the career and what job responsibly it has. One great way to do this is to look at job listings, job requirements, and networking with recruiters and hiring managers to determine the skills and training you need to be a viable candidate.

How Nurses Can Make a Powerful Impression With Their Resume


Many new grads and well seasoned nurses have often asked:

“How do I Strengthen my Resume?”

“What can I do to set my resume apart from other nurses?”

“What are hiring managers looking for when they are looking at a nurse resume?”

For most job applications, you will attach a resume to an email or paste it into an online form where it may be an employer’s first impression of you. Here’s how to make that impression as powerful as possible.