Let’s Talk About Clinical Integration

Clinical Integration

Clinical integration is pretty amazing. It’s not quite an ACO, yet allows a healthcare organizations within a community to loosely associate in order to provide better care for their patients. These hospitals and private practices agree to share data about the patients they care for with one another and agree to practice by defined health initiatives. It’s a way to provide better care across the continuum and also allows for providers to increase their reimbursement.

This means more money coming into hospitals and physician’s offices, which means they can hire more nurses!

The Next Big Thing in Healthcare is Next Wave Connect

The Next Big Thing in Healthcare is Next Wave Connect

If you’re looking for a place to connect with other healthcare professionals to collaborate to solve healthcare challenges that you and your healthcare organization are struggling with, then Next Wave Connect is the answer.

As the title states, I wholeheartedly believe that Next Wave Connect will be the next big thing in healthcare. It’s time to stop working in silos and get together to solve these problems. It saves time, it saves money, and ultimately, it saves lives.

Why Nurse Empowerment is Import for the Future of Healthcare

excited nurse

The future of healthcare is changing. To so this is a scary time because there is so much uncertainty in the future of healthcare and nursing This is especially the case in the United States were the Affordable Care Act and the HITECH Act are causing drastic change in the way healthcare facilities and providers are reimbursed for the care they provide and the requirements linked to documenting patient care.

Stay Positive, Take Care, and Make the Big Bucks [Scrubs Magazine Round Up]


Nursing is hard work and can sometimes be very draining both mentally and physically. It can be easy to just get into a rut and be a negative Nancy, but for the sake of your coworkers and your sanity it’s best if you do your best to stay positive. But you’ve also got to take care of yourself physically. This means using all those body mechanics you were taught in school and likely routinely receive in-services on. Oh, and if you can stay in good mental and physical health you can also find ways to start earning more cash doing what you love. Keep reading for some great articles on these topics from our friends at Scrubs Magazine.

The Difference Between Being a Complainer and a Consultant is Being an Expert


Throughout my informatics, nursing and pre-nursing career I have worked with a variety of people. In this time, I have found that that working with different groups of people has allowed me the opportunity to experience different ideas about the way things should be done. Sometimes people can work well together when they differ in a opinion and sometimes not so much.

Healthcare and IT: New Tricks for the Old Dogs


Healthcare is one of the most important sectors of our economy. In nearly all geographical regions, the healthcare industry employs more people than any other industry.

Likewise, when it comes to technology, the healthcare industry is at the head of the class. Medical technology helps in many different ways, from CAT scans, ultrasounds and MRIs that diagnose problems inside the body or monitor an infant before it is born, to the computers that keep our information and data organized.

Adequate Nursing Staff Improves Care for Heart Failure Patients


It should be common sense, but there are entire research initiatives devoted to proving that have adequate nursing staff leads to improved patient outcome. This really transcends all types of nursing through various disciplines. But just so we can have a little more research and evidence to back it up, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) had a recent research initiative that proved that “Adequate and stable nurse staffing is key to improving care.”

Your Nurse Is Not Your Financial Adviser


A nurse may not be your financial adviser, but nurses may be able help you make sound financial decisions that can save you hundreds, even thousands, on medical bills. Nurses play an important role in our health. Anyone who’s been admitted to a hospital knows that they are the frontliners–always there to address patient needs. But did you know that their role goes beyond changing IV fluids and taking vitals?

Meaningful Use – Fraud or Frenzy


Robert Rowley downloaded the CMS data on Meaningful Use and did an interesting analysis in his article about EHR vendor strength. I was intrigued, so I downloaded the same data, created a pivot table or two, and did my own analysis.

As the CEO of a growing EMR business, I was curious to see how we did. What I found was quite scary. 74% of the providers who attested for CMS funds using our system were NOT OUR CUSTOMERS. Attesting for Stage 1, in some cases, only requires the provider to show they signed an agreement with an EMR vendor to install their products. Yet, I did not expect the results to be this fraudulent.

Healthcare and The Arts Collide


It seems that as a society, or even as an entire world we view health as the role of those who work directly within the healthcare profession. While this is generally true, there are many other degrees in which you are able to help those with health problems ranging in a variety of diseases, tragedies or even common problems.