Ever Considered Being an Egg Donor? Hear Lisa’s Story

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Many women struggle with various infertility issues and treatments. Some of these women use donor eggs, fertilized and implanted through IVF, to help carry successful pregnancies to term. Donor eggs are growing in popularity, but very little is said about the women who contribute these donations. Like My Egg Bank, most egg donation companies keep donors anonymous, meaning we rarely hear egg donor stories straight from the women who make it a possibility.

A Useful Tool For Home-Based Nursing Businesses


Home-based nursing businesses are often faced with unique difficulties when it comes to promotion and marketing. While some businesses can use cold calling, direct mail and other push-based strategies, nursing businesses usually rely on a more sensitive, subtle approach. Instead of generating demand, they mostly rely on capturing demand that already exists. Instead of competing on price or nakedly promoting the benefits of their service, they typically rely on conveying trust, competence, professionalism and a caring nature.

5 Reasons Why Nurses Often Make Excellent Entrepreneurs

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Did you know that there is a growing segment of the nursing population who are self-employed? There are way more entrepreneurial opportunities nowadays than most people are aware of. This is not surprising to me. Nursing is an amazingly diverse profession. Also, I think that we already have some excellent entrepreneurial skills.

Continuing Education and Motherhood


Being a mother is the most rewarding job any of us will ever have. However, it is not a job that will put food on the table and clothes on our backs. Adding to your family is essentially increasing the amount of money going out while giving you less time to work.

It is a cycle that can be exhausting. Needing second or third jobs to make ends meet seems like a simple solution to those who don’t have kids. For us we are well aware that we barely have time for our current priorities. By taking a second job we are giving up on precious time with our kids and that is not something any good parent wants to sacrifice.

Have You Considered Caribbean Medical Schools?


Those who want to study medicine will see the highest price for their degree with the average American medical school’s tuition coming in at nearly two hundred thousand dollars for all four years, not including fees or room and board. Medical schools in the Caribbean are typically much cheaper with some of them being under one hundred thousand dollars, which is one of the biggest reasons many medical students decide to study abroad. They’re also much more accepting of applicants, meaning that someone who was previously declined acceptance into an American medical school might still be able to get their degree in the Caribbean.

Meaningful Use – Fraud or Frenzy


Robert Rowley downloaded the CMS data on Meaningful Use and did an interesting analysis in his article about EHR vendor strength. I was intrigued, so I downloaded the same data, created a pivot table or two, and did my own analysis.

As the CEO of a growing EMR business, I was curious to see how we did. What I found was quite scary. 74% of the providers who attested for CMS funds using our system were NOT OUR CUSTOMERS. Attesting for Stage 1, in some cases, only requires the provider to show they signed an agreement with an EMR vendor to install their products. Yet, I did not expect the results to be this fraudulent.

The Nursing Shortage: Behind the Numbers


While it seems that hospitals and health care centers should have an excess of nurses when other jobs are scarce, as with many things, the nursing shortage question involves more than meets the eye. So while the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for nurses will grow by 26 percent between now and 2020 — translating into 1.2 million new jobs — that doesn’t necessarily mean that the unemployment problem is solved.

RejuveNation Collaboration: A Balanced Dose of Self-Care


This will be my third virtual conference of this kind and the past two have been super enjoyable, very energizing, and left me with some lifelong relationships and support! It’s called the RejuveNation Collaboration: A Balanced Dose of Self-Care.

Side Effects of Workout Supplements


Anyone who has been to the gym has probably seen their fair share of supplements that are said to be required before working out and after working out in order to keep your weight loss and muscle building on track. These supplements come in a variety of forms from shakes to pills to food bars. With so many items available to gym goers at any given time, it’s only natural to wonder if those things are actually required or if they could potentially harm you.

Optimizing Your Medical Facility


Nowadays medical offices are some of the busiest places around. With hundreds of patients each day, as well as pharmaceutical representatives, or other people who aid in the business of medicine, it can be extremely overwhelming. But with healthcare it is essential that there is a high level of organization to help the doctors, nurses, and administrators who work there.