Care Beyond Treatment


To the lay person, a nurse’s job may seem pretty simple: Nurses provide care for patients.

But the word “care” is a bit complicated. In a medical sense, it means to tend to needed procedures, carry out instructions from physicians, and do the clinical things that are required for an ill or injured person.

On top of all that scientific caring, there’s sociological caring as well. That means providing an equal level of commitment to the emotional situation, making sure that the patient and family members are coping with the complexities of their particular cases.

A Useful Tool For Home-Based Nursing Businesses


Home-based nursing businesses are often faced with unique difficulties when it comes to promotion and marketing. While some businesses can use cold calling, direct mail and other push-based strategies, nursing businesses usually rely on a more sensitive, subtle approach. Instead of generating demand, they mostly rely on capturing demand that already exists. Instead of competing on price or nakedly promoting the benefits of their service, they typically rely on conveying trust, competence, professionalism and a caring nature.

5 Reasons Why Nurses Often Make Excellent Entrepreneurs

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Did you know that there is a growing segment of the nursing population who are self-employed? There are way more entrepreneurial opportunities nowadays than most people are aware of. This is not surprising to me. Nursing is an amazingly diverse profession. Also, I think that we already have some excellent entrepreneurial skills.

Things to Consider When Choosing to Become a Nurse

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Healthcare professions are growing at a rapid pace and nursing is projected to be one of the quickest growing careers over the next five years. Certified nursing professionals are in high demand, so if you are considering a career in nursing, you have made a great choice. You can attend courses in a traditional classroom setting or through any of the accredited online colleges.

How to Create the Perfect Registered Nurse Resume


The nursing profession offers a solid, steady career path. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing jobs are expected to grow at a “faster than average” rate and the number of retiring nurses will create a shortage in coming years. Even with these circumstances, this is not the time to sit back and take it easy when applying for a nursing job. Your resume is your first impression on a future employer, and there’s no better way to initially showcase your achievements and professionalism.

Simulation Technology Rapidly Expanding in Nursing Education


Hi NerdyNurse Readers! Please allow me to introduce myself as Lance Baily, founder of the free simulation resource website, and The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists non-profit organization at SimGHOSTS.Org. As you may know, healthcare simulation technology continues to grow into nursing schools and medical centers around the world. For these fully immersive scenarios, realistic full-bodied manikins are controlled behind a two-way mirrors which allow technicians to pre-program or change vital signs “on the fly”. Also behind this mirror is a clinical educator who speaks as the voice of the patient while learners begin to assess the scene and take actions. The entire event is usually being digitally recorded and displayed to another debrief room, which can also show performance analysis indicators. After the scenario concludes, the educator and learner return to the debrief and review the footage, discussing the event in a constructive non-personal way. As you can imagine, between manikin robots, camera hardware, endless microphones, analysis software, server storage racks, and miles of cable – the technology can become overwhelming quite quickly.

The Nursing Shortage: Behind the Numbers


While it seems that hospitals and health care centers should have an excess of nurses when other jobs are scarce, as with many things, the nursing shortage question involves more than meets the eye. So while the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for nurses will grow by 26 percent between now and 2020 — translating into 1.2 million new jobs — that doesn’t necessarily mean that the unemployment problem is solved.

RejuveNation Collaboration: A Balanced Dose of Self-Care


This will be my third virtual conference of this kind and the past two have been super enjoyable, very energizing, and left me with some lifelong relationships and support! It’s called the RejuveNation Collaboration: A Balanced Dose of Self-Care.

Drug Addiction and Recovery: Opioids


Opioid drugs are either naturally-derived from the poppy plant, such as heroin, morphine, and opium, or synthetic, such as oxycontin, oxymorphone and hydromorphone. Heroin, morphine and opium are illegal, while oxycontin, oxymorphone and hydromorphone are legal with a prescription, but heavily regulated.

Simple Steps to Keep Your Family Safe


Keeping your family healthy and medically safe is no doubt a priority. But unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Medical emergencies can happen suddenly, and due to everyday exposure to germs and bacteria, illnesses are inevitable. Although you can’t control every single aspect of your family’s health, simple measures can reduce the risk of injuries and illnesses, affording you peace of mind.