Nurse of the Year [Video] [Parody]

Nursing is very rewarding to most of us, but it’s good fun to laugh at a few nursing related jokes that are on the cynical side.

Besides, who there isn’t near enough nurse humor on the internet and there certainly aren’t enough funny nurse videos.

Medical Christmas Fun: Medical Glove Christmas Trees

glove Christmas tree

If you work in the medical profession then you have likely had to work your share of holidays.

Many nurses, paramedics, doctors, and other members of the healthcare team choose to make the best of this time and have quirky medical fun.

The following are some excellent examples of the weird sense of humor that many of use in the healthcare environment share.

I present to you Medical Glove Christmas Trees:

iPhone 5: It’s the Longest iPhone Yet [Parody]


There’s no denying that the iPhone 5 is the “tallest” thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone, but biggest? eh… I’d argue that the first iPhone was thicker and gaudier, and therefor “bigger”. But semantics aside, Apple did extend the screen of the iPhone, making it noticeably larger.

But Apple’s promotional videos lend themselves to parody quite easily. So without further delay, enjoy this spoof of the iPhone 5.

From the Trailer Park to the ER

From the Trailer Park to the ER

when fumbling through twitter today, looking for interesting people to follow, I happened upon Matthew Carpenter’s Twitter @MatCar35. In 160 characters he convinced me to now only follow his twitter, but to check out the book’s facebook page, and even share with you his book: From the Trailer Park to the E.R.

The AC is Out and I Can’t Google My Way Out of It

nerdy nurse green fan

I live in Georgia. Not only is it sweltering here, but the air is thick and at times feels as if you could slice it and serve it at a party with fruit and crackers. I wouldn’t quite call it cheese consistency, because that would make it solid, but some odd science-fiction melding of gas, liquid, and solid, that is breathable, sticky, and inhumane -yep, that’s what this heat is like.

Halloween Makes me Miss my Mother


I suppose this is the best example of the quirky relationship I had with my mother, but I can’t help but think of how she would have enjoyed today with Ty. I remember being small and she also spent so much time on my Halloween costumes. From a homemade spider costume, witch, Aunt Jemima, ballerina, […]

My Toddler cleans the house


In the spirit of continuing child labor another generation, my son is cleaning the house at the ripe old age of one. Ok, I’m kidding, but only slightly. My son likes to ride on the roomba. We like the roomba to run. Everybody wins. For a very long time Ty was terrified of the thing. […]

iPhone OS4 leaves something to be desired

The new os4 for iPhone can be summed up in one word: buggy. While I am excite about all the new features, including folders, the insanely better camera functionality, and the capability of using a bluetooth keyboard, I am upset at the lag I am experience in my once lightening fast device. I must say […]