Six Senior Friendly Gadgets That Help Them Stay Connected And Healthy

senior friendly gadgets and technology

Today’s seniors are unlike many of past generations. These days, older Americans expect things their counterparts in previous generations wouldn’t have considered.

For example, most want to stay in their own homes as they age. They want to take care of themselves. And many want to avoid being the stereotypical befuddled senior citizen who doesn’t understand technology.

New Dads: Here’s How Not To Screw Up


1. It takes women a full month to recover after birth.

Sometimes called the “tenth month of pregnancy,” the first month after birth is often both painful and exhausting for the new mother. Her organs are slowly shifting back into place as her body works overtime to produce milk.

Many other cultures provide support for new mothers during this key time — the French, for example, send at-home nurses to help new mothers care for babies, while Indian, Chinese, and Mexican customs all require mothers to rest for the first month after birth while others take care of basic home care.

Top 10 Turkey Tech


But seriously, we here at The Nerdy Nurse are geeks ourselves and we love gadgets whether they are in our pockets or our kitchen. Because we know that you no doubt love kitchen gadgets (and feasting on a delicious holiday meal) as much as us we’ve taken to time to compile a list of turkey tech and food prep gadgets that will surely elevate your holiday gathering to epic classification.

A Smart Action Plan for Home Invasions


The potential threat of a home invasion is perhaps one of the most terrifying thoughts for parents. We’ve all heard the horror stories on the news about families bound, sexually assaulted, and killed during home invasions. Unlike burglaries that typically happen when the family is not home, home invaders are often after you and your family, not just your stuff.

Simple Steps to Keep Your Family Safe


Keeping your family healthy and medically safe is no doubt a priority. But unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Medical emergencies can happen suddenly, and due to everyday exposure to germs and bacteria, illnesses are inevitable. Although you can’t control every single aspect of your family’s health, simple measures can reduce the risk of injuries and illnesses, affording you peace of mind.

Protecting The Health and Financial Stability of Your Family


The health and prosperity or your family is without a doubt one of your primary concerns. You want to make sure their needs are met and they have financial stability. This is the reason we work, pay our bills, and maintain our investments. We aren’t just looking out for ourselves, we have our family in the forefront of our thoughts.

4 Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Health


Being healthy is one way that you can help increase your quality of life. While genetics play some role in your overall health and well being, your lifestyle plays significantly more. If you want to live a long and productive life to see your children and grandchildren grow up then you need to start by getting healthy now.

How does a Busy Nurse Juggle the Job and Further Education?


A master’s degree in nursing can open up career options, increase your earning potential, and enhance your professional reputation. Earning an advanced degree while working, however, isn’t easy. Here are some tips on how you can balance work and higher education.

Twyxt App: Keeping Your Relationships in Sync


The Twyxt app may just be our solution. It’s a free app that is available now on the itunes apps store now. Twyxt is a unique app that allows users to capture memories while getting things done. You can share your calendars, send direct messages, share lists, moods, photos and more. It’s a great tool to stay more connected with your significant other’s schedule and make sure you are on the same page.

How to Show Support to a Sick Loved One


Tragedy can strike a family at any time. Whether expected or unexpected, families have a difficult time when a loved one gets admitted to the hospital. The uncertainty creates a lot of stress and can become very toiling on a family. However, even in the midst of all this, they must remain focused on the person that is suffering with the sickness. Finding ways to show support aren’t always easy. But the more a family supports the loved one–and one another–during this difficult time, the easier it may seem.