15 Things Every Nursing Student Needs to Know

of course I am tired Im in nursing school

of course I am tired I am a nursing StudentWhen I entered nursing school I knew very few people who were nurses. I questioned everyone that I thought might know anything about nursing on what I needed to know to do well in nursing school. Honestly I was given very little practical advice. But I don’t think it was the fault of the people I asked. I honestly think that many in nursing school struggle to make it through and wipe many of those memories from their brain. But I’m a firm believer that the nursing school experience doesn’t have to be a terrible one. And even though it’s going to be hard, you will be tired, and you’re probably not going to have a great social life, you can make it through nursing school while enjoying the experience (or at least not completely hating it!).

4 Reasons Hospitals Have Scrubs Policies

Every time you go to the hospital, you’ve probably noticed that while not everyone is wearing the same pattern, they’re all wearing scrubs. Sometimes, even the non-health care related employees wear them. So why is it that hospitals have policies on what employee’s wear?