appbackr is Like Micro-Investing in Icon-Shaped Dreams


Have you ever thought about investing in the stock market, but perhaps you were a little nervous to take the plunge? Or maybe you look your smartphone and wish you could help get better apps to market?

Well now you too can dabble in micro-investing. You can also be involved in app funding thanks to an innovative company called appbackr. You may be thinking to yourself: “Huh?” And not too long ago, so was I. But I signed up to their emails and have been watching the site for a while. Every now and then a cool new app sparks my eye and I think about investing a little bit of cash into these developers businesses.

A Very Successful 5 Year Old: The Apple iPhone [Infographic]


While most would be thrilled if their 5 year old could read, Apple’s little contribution to the world has blow nearly all expectations out of the water. What else at age 5 had made such a significant impact to technology and the way we communicate?

There is no denying that the iPhone has certainly made an impact on the world. In just 5 years the iPhone has helped smartphones transition from the quirky gadgets of nerds to a near necessity of modern society.

13 Awesome, Unique, and Nerdy iPhone Accessories


One of the coolest things about owning an iPhone is the boatload of accessories that are made to go with it. From nifty cases to clever audio accessories, I am constantly amazed by all the neat goodies you can get to accompany your iPhone.

So I took a little time and did some perusing to bring to your attention some iPhone accessories that I thought were pretty cool. I have to be honest. I get lost for hours looking at this sort of stuff. And yea… I have spend some cash on a nerdy novelty from time to time…

Need to Consult a Trauma Surgeon? There’s an App for That!


Technology continually improves healthcare and our daily lives.

The video below is a fantastic example of technology saving lives by providing improved access to trauma surgeons in areas that don’t have them on staff. Trauma surgeon Rafael Grossmann MD(@ZGJR) reached out to me on twitter and shared with me the video. In it, he discusses iPod Teletrauma: the $229 130 million sq. ft. Trauma Room.