PR & Advertising

Brittney Wilson Headshot_RoundThe Nerdy Nurse is PR friendly!

Please feel free to contact me  if there is a nursing issue, article, or topic that you think I should discuss. Please understand that I cannot cover all topics that are submitted to me, but I encourage you to submit your information to me for consideration.


I am an expert on healthcare social media. If your healthcare organization is interested in embracing social media and using it for the betterment of your community, please reach out to me.  I would love to help. I can educate your staff and your administration of the value of social media in healthcare and how it can benefit your facility and the community you serve.


As as patient, nurse, and technology advocate, I take pride in my ability to passionately express the real need to embrace the use of technology to improve patient care. Want someone to help your staff understand the meaningful part of meaningful use? I can do that.  I am charismatic, energetic, and entertaining. If you are looking for a speaker to discuss innovative healthcare and informatics, look no further.

Product Reviews: Nursing Related or Otherwise

If you have a product that improves nursing work-flow, and would like me to review it, feel free to send me your information for consideration. I also will feature product reviews for tech items and parenting specific products. Heck, send me info about it, if it interests me, I’ll get back with you about it.

Looking for a brand ambassador? We could very well make a great team, you and I. Now, I won’t be helping you sell your snake oils or anything, but if you have a product that I feel I can stand behind then I will do just that for you. I am always interested in products to innovate and simplify our lives. Integrity is always first and foremost. Nurses are consistently voted the most honest profession and I pride myself in having that quality carry over into my blogging and personal life as well.

Your customers will not doubt be intrigued, amused, and enticed by your product or service having The Nerdy Nurse seal of approval.


If you are interested in advertising on, then you are one smart chap! If you would like discuss analytics and pricing, feel free to contact me. The audience is broad ranging from nurses, doctors, technophiles, and parents!

There are a variety of options for advertisement that we can discuss including: sponsored posts, 125×125 ad blocks, text links, and more.

Freelance Writing:

If you need the opinion of The Nerdy Nurse and would like to hire me to write for you, the don’t be a stranger.

 I have various articles published on Nursing Link, Scrubs Magazine, Nurse Together, and other platforms.

I am also available to ghost write. 

I offer a unique quippy style of conversational writing that I would assume would bore people to tears, but I have been told is relatively amusing. Funny the types of things that drive people insane in my real life, are apparently really interesting to people on the internet and apparently Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I’m pretty sure that the folks in California are just highly amused by my slight southern accent, however. 

Send me and email. I’d love to hear from you, even if you just want to say hello.