Nursing Resources

A collection of web tools and resources for nurses. Career and Networking, Nursing Informatics, Student Nurses, and Lateral Violence.

Nursing Education

Career and Networking

  • Linkedin: The social networking site for professionals
  • Twitter: More resources than you can ever imagine for a job seeker!
  • – A resource authored by medical assistant professionals and instructors to help students interested in medical assisting training.
  • Careers in Health Nursing Resources
  • HHS Careers-  You can find assistance discovering the right career, how to apply for Federal employment opportunities,  and learn benefits afforded to Federal employees.
  • Medepage: a networking, job search, and information sharing, healthcare community. They also have a blog, which I guest posted on!
  • – A Nursing Career Resource with Licensing Info & Job Openings

Nursing Informatics:

Student Nurse:

  • – a professional study aid for healthcare students & professionals.

Lateral Violence:


  1. says

    Hi – I’ve recently started an LVN program in San Diego and have a question I hope someone here can answer. I decided to follow the vocational nursing path because I need to have an income right away and can’t afford to go to school for two or more years while earning an RN degree. Now that I’m studying for the NCLEX-PN though, I’m hearing from lots of people that LVNs are being phased out by most medical care facilities and that I’d be better off just studying to be an RN right now. Does this sound like what others here have seen and experienced in their work places? Will my LVN education be irrelevant almost as soon as I graduate?

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