Can Accelerated Nursing Programs Increase Your Likelihood of Getting a Job?


Despite the job market taking a dip on a global scale, the nursing industry continues to develop alongside the rising need for qualified nurses. However, according to the American Society of Registered Nurses, 43 percent of registered nurses haven’t been able to find employment after 18 months between 1st Jan, 2009 and 31st March, 2010.

Tips For New Nurse Grads [Scrubs Mag Blog Carnival]

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ecause we know how hard it is to be a new nurse, nurse bloggers have decided to team up and share some words of wisdom with all you new grads. We know what it was like to be a graduate nurse just getting our feet wet and want to make your journey a little easier. Keeping reading for a roundup of great nurse wisdom aimed especially at new grads.

How to Create the Perfect Registered Nurse Resume


The nursing profession offers a solid, steady career path. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing jobs are expected to grow at a “faster than average” rate and the number of retiring nurses will create a shortage in coming years. Even with these circumstances, this is not the time to sit back and take it easy when applying for a nursing job. Your resume is your first impression on a future employer, and there’s no better way to initially showcase your achievements and professionalism.

9 Awesome Linkedin Groups to Follow for New Nurses

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LinkedIn is a great way for professionals of all kinds to market themselves, network and to find new employment opportunities. If you are just entering the nursing field, you are in luck: There are dozens of really helpful LinkedIn groups that can help you to get a great start in your new career.

Evidence Based Practice: Nurses Barriers to Implementation?

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A recent survey of over 1,000 RNs suggests that there are several barriers preventing implementation of evidenced-based practices to improve patient outcomes. One of the primary barriers mentioned was resistance from nursing leadership. Also ranking high on the list were politics and organizational cultures. The cultures that avoid change are certainly damaging to implementation of these standards of care.

How Nurses Can Make a Powerful Impression With Their Resume


Many new grads and well seasoned nurses have often asked:

“How do I Strengthen my Resume?”

“What can I do to set my resume apart from other nurses?”

“What are hiring managers looking for when they are looking at a nurse resume?”

For most job applications, you will attach a resume to an email or paste it into an online form where it may be an employer’s first impression of you. Here’s how to make that impression as powerful as possible.

The Importance of Removing Fear and Promoting Honesty and Integrity In Nursing


As nurses we are given such trust and responsibility. Often people’s lives are in our hands. We a allowed to care for people in their most vulnerable states. And depending on your license level, becoming a nurse is as simple as completing a couple years in tech school and pass a computerized test. Somehow in that short amount of time and with a few electronic questions a computer screen, we are deemed competent to be a nurse.

GE Gives Grants to Minority Nursing Students to Improve Healthcare in Underserved Communities


GE has partnered with the National Medical Fellowship (NMF) to help give minority nurses students scholarships in exchange for working in underserved communities. With a goal to support underrepresented monitories in medicine and healthcare, the NMF gives additional attention to African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and Asian Americans.

GE has given $2.3 million towards a grant to increase minority representation in the health sector.

Tips for Finding the Right Nursing School


Choosing the right nursing school is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding your career. Potential employers want to ensure that you are qualified to properly care for clients, so you will want to choose a program that offers quality education in current nursing practices. When making your decision, here are some things to look for.

Nursing Quality Un-Fazed by Age

Although it’s generally never been uncommon for many to enter into the profession of nursing after receiving post-secondary educations and degrees in other fields, the number of middle-age nursing students appears to be on the significant rise lately. In fact, the number of people pursuing later careers in life sciences in general today appears to be increasing. But as a direct case in point for nursing, the next graduating class of 40 from Heartland Community College’s two-year nursing program in Normal, Illinois, has zero “traditional” students scheduled to become RNs on May 18th.