Nursing App Review: NCLEX Mastery

Nursing App Review NCLEX Mastery

Luckily, there is something to address at least one of those unknown fears. Apps like NCLEX Mastery will you nursing students an opportunity to see exactly what NCLEX questions will be like. It provides loads of practice questions so you can really feel confident when you take the NCLEX.

Twyxt App: Keeping Your Relationships in Sync


The Twyxt app may just be our solution. It’s a free app that is available now on the itunes apps store now. Twyxt is a unique app that allows users to capture memories while getting things done. You can share your calendars, send direct messages, share lists, moods, photos and more. It’s a great tool to stay more connected with your significant other’s schedule and make sure you are on the same page.

Top 4 Apps for Cardio Fitness

cardio workout apps free

With the right tools, your phone can be your personal trainer

Mobile apps can either be just another distraction, or they can help you measure progress, share motivation with friends, and stay on target with your fitness goals. Here are a few of the top smartphone cardio tools on the market, for both Android and iOS.

5 Free Medical and Healthcare Apps


Mobile Health (“mHealth”), the use of mobile technology to deliver healthcare services and information, skyrocketed in 2012. 44 million health apps will have been downloaded by the end of the year (predicted to reach 142 million downloads by 2016), and consumers are now spending $700 million per year on these apps. There are over 10,000 health apps in the iTunes app store, the number of American using smartphones for health information grew from 61 million to 75 million this year, and88% of doctors would like patients to monitor their health at home.

10 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Holiday Shopping


A recent Pricegrabber survey reports 82 percent of online shoppers will use shopping apps to save on holiday gifts this year. With so many apps to choose from, it’s difficult to distinguish which ones will save you money or just take up memory. As you start to plan your holiday shopping strategy, download these recommended mobile apps that will make your life much easier and purchases much cheaper.

Amazon Prime App is Finally Available on iPad!

amazon prime

I have be longing for an Amazon Prime app for ages. Now I feel the Apple TV was a very sound investment since I can fully utilize my actual TV for all my on demand movie services. Especially since Apple TV just got the Hulu App. Now, at least for the time being, I can watch Amazon Prime on the TV with mirroring. I know that it could be argued that there are other devices that already do this like Roku, but I’m a fan of the simplicity of most Apple products. (I say most, because unfortunately my Macbook Pro experience was less than exceptional.)

Want to Get Healthy? There’s an App for That! [Infographic]


Smart phones are being used to improve lives in a variety of ways. One of the most impressive and necessary are in the heath industry. Rather than just having a doctor or nurse help keep patients in line with healthy living standards and promote exercise and good eating habits on a daily basis.

The following infographic features a range of healthy apps that focus on healthy eating, exercising, and healthy rest.

GazziWorld: Great iPad and iPhone Apps for Toddlers


This may make me the worst mom on the planet buy my toddler has an iPad. No, not my iPad that we we use together, he has his own. But it makes it any better, I didn’t buy it for him. He inherited my original iPad after I upgraded to an iPad 3. All the same, my toddler has his own iPad.

I am constantly on a mission to find interesting iPhone and iPad toddler apps that both entertain and educate him. Since he’s learned to read by using the iPad I don’t think much of those who say that kids shouldn’t be using electronics and games. It is because of the iPad that my little boy is so smart!

Apps For Moms: iPhone and iPad App Review


Apps for Moms is a lifestyle iOS App that helps busy moms find appealing and interesting apps to populate their iPhones and iPads with. The apps are categorized for quick and easy access to the apps that interest and would be beneficial to you. Apps for Moms is a great tool to get your Apple iDevice filled with colorful icons that will make you giddy to slide to unlock and participate in the magic of your capacitive touch gadget.

Apps for Boys & Apps for Girls iPhone App Review


Do you have a child that is constantly asking to you your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad? Do you want a good, easy to use, and FREE resource to help you find apps that they will love? Yes and Yes, you say?

We’ll We’ve found the Apps for you then: Apps for Boys and Apps for Girls.