5 Reasons Why IV Poles are a Huge Pain for Nurses

5 Reasons Why IV Poles are a Huge Pain for Nurses

IVs allow patients to get medications more quickly and efficiently than the oral route. They are a vital part of medical care, and many patients would suffer without access to the fast-acting medications delivered directly into their veins. In hospitals, IV poles are as common as patients, but, unfortunately, most of them are poorly designed […]

iPhone 6 Plus is the Bigfoot of the Tech World #NoiPhone6plus

#NoiPhone6plus iPhone 6 plus bigfoot

At this point the iPhone 6 plus might as well be bigfoot of the tech world, because we only ever see photos and video. We never actually see one in the wild. Please don’t tell me about demos units in the stores. Those things don’t count.

I want to see a real live iPhone 6 plus in the hands of a real person that is really using it. And trust me, I’ve been looking at everyone’s phone for the last week and they just aren’t around.

Healthcare IT Needs Network Scanning

Canon Network Scanner ScanFront 300p

Healthcare IT relies on technology everyday. When analysts and other healthcare IT staff do not have access to tools to do their jobs their performances suffers. There are many technologies and tools that can improve the workflow of healthcare IT and informatics nurses. Network scanning is one that should not be missed.

9 Nerdy Novelties

9 Nerdy Novelties

In high school nerds are obsessing over their hobbies, writing code, reading, and doing other things that will often make them wealthy adults.

Fortunately, that disposable income in adulthood can come with some perks. One of my personal favorites is all the nerdy novelties that once can acquire. Some of our favorites are listed below.

12 Days of Nerdy Christmas: Amazon Edition


Nerds are funny people. Most of us genuinely appreciate any kind gesture that is bestowed upon us, especially a Christmas gift. However, since you’re nerds, we definitely know our tech so if you plan on buying something digital for a special geek in your life, you need to make sure you getting quality nerd gear. You wouldn’t want us to awkwardly accept a gift that we’d never buy for ourselves, now would you?
Didn’t think so.

But really, it can be difficult to buy Christmas gifts for anyone. The hard part of gifting family and friends is finding that unique item that you think will be a big hit. We’ve taken the time to round up some of awesome find on Amazon to help ease that problem and give you plenty of ideas to find that special someone a special gift (whether they are a nerd of not!).

Top 10 Turkey Tech

Top 10 Turkey Tech

Here at The Nerdy Nurse are geeks ourselves and we love gadgets whether they are in our pockets or our kitchen. Because we know that you no doubt love kitchen gadgets (and feasting on a delicious holiday meal) as much as us we’ve taken to time to compile a list of turkey tech and food prep gadgets that will surely elevate your holiday gathering to epic classification. Because turkey tech isn’t for the casual holiday dinner. It’s reserved for those passionate about turkey, dressing, and all things fun about holiday meals.

Google Chromecast Review: Small Price – Big Value


Admittedly, I am not as gushing as many of the Apple fan girls and boys, but I totally dig my iPhone, iPad, and even my Apple TV. But these are just a few examples of how much we full on Nerdgasm over all things Apple. So when a product is released that throws a beat down on one our Apple products we figured we owe it to you to let you know. For this very reason, and well, because it’s awesome and CHEAP, we wanted to provide you with a Google Chromecast review take some time to tell you why Chromecast may be a better option than Apple TV.

Inspiring Quotes, Great Tips, and Awesome Nurse Bling [Scrubs Magazine Round Up]

New Scrubs Logo

I’ve teamed up with Scrubs Magazine to make sure you get an awesome dose of nursing content. Each month I’ll be rounding up some of my favorite articles and sharing them with you. This month is all about appreciating being a nurse, ways to improve your nursing, and cool nursing bling. I’ve also include a few extra bonus article just in case you are thirsty for more nurse-blog goodness.

Take a peek at these awesome Scrubs Magazine articles and let me know what you think.

This Great Game Won’t Raid Your Wallet: Tomb Raider Price Drop


Move over Nathan Drake, the new queen of free run and gun gaming is back in town. The first game I ever really played and beat was the original Tomb Raider on Playstation. Needless to say, I was very excited to play this new rebirth of the game for 2013. I call it a rebirth not a reboot and [will explain more on that later. This game is not only really fun to play but it plays really fun with excellent controls and a great story truly doing the Tomb Raider name justice.

Scrubs Magazine Round Up: Nursing Bling, Male Nurses, and Humor, OH My!


If you don’t already know, Scrubs Magazine is one of the best nursing blogs on the web. Oh, and they’ve got a pretty rad print magazine as well that is widely circulated and probably available at a scrubs store near your! But nursing blogs and websites are really a dime a dozen these days. What makes them different from other nursing blogs is that they aren’t about technical nursing items or negativity, but instead they focus on nursing lifestyle and uplifting nurses. Scrubs Magazine wants to help nurses live fabulously and because of this create entertaining and helpful content just for nurses.

I’ve taken the time to curate some examples of the great articles on the site and am serving them up to you