2014 Nurses Week Giveaway

2014 Nurses Week Giveaway

If you are a nurse then hopefully the hospital or healthcare organization you work for has decided to honor you and all the hard work you do. But we here at The Nerdy Nurse think you deserve a little more this year. I’m sure Florence Nightingale would be impressed with how far we’ve come, but we all know how far we have to go. In some ways nurses are honored everyday, but in many ways we are not. I’m a nurse and I appreciate what other nurse’s do so I reached out to my nursing friends and put together this giveaway. 

We’ve partnered with Scrubs Magazine and some extremely talented to nurse writers and  bloggers to bring you some incredible prizes.


A special thanks goes out to Scrubs Magazine, NCLEX Mastery and all the nurse writers who have generously donated items to give back to nurses. These books for nurses are an excellent resource for new and seasoned nurses a like and come from some very talented nurse authors. Be Sure to visit the blogs and websites of the nurse authors and thank them for their contribution: The Nerdy Nurse, The Nursing Site, Living Sublime Wellness, Nurse Nicole, Yoga Nurse, EmpowerRN, Leave No Nurse Behind, Empowered Nurses, and Joyce Harrell Wellness.

Entry period is short, so be sure to enter soon and share with any nurse you know! 




  1. wendishifflette says

    The best thing I got this year was a “Whole Wheat Donut and a cup of DECAF? Why decaf?

  2. nomadicpixie says

    Im a student nurse so the best thing I’ve received is the only thing – a rose from my instructor!

  3. NursesCafe says

    Check out http://nursescafe.com/t/happy-nurses-week/64 for another Nurses Week giveaway of a tablet computer.

  4. Meli Mel says

    I am currently a nursing student.  I really love your app and daily questions.  I am learning so much . Thank you♡.

  5. DanleePulse says

    breannamf Happy #NursesWeek! Call us at 315.431.0143 and we’ll give you a free stethoscope cover as a thank you for all you do every day.

  6. StaceyLP says

    The best thing I got this year was a sweet, encouraging text from my mother-in-law! I haven’t received any bad things.

  7. says

    The best Nurses Week gift I ever got was a nice pen with an awesome penlight on the end of it. So useful and practical. My close second was a nice insulated lunchbag.  The worst was not getting anything at all. I was at a hospital once that didn’t celebrate it. I was totally bummed by that.

  8. CindyBalevreRN says

    The best recognition I’ve ever received for nurse’s week was a multitool package which was useful and quite cool! The worst I ever received occurred while working at home… and that was nothing. You don’t really get recognized when you’re working independently… Think I should recognize myself! :)

  9. HipchiqueRN says

    don’t get much recognition where I  work :(
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity though !!!

  10. MelanieRN says

    The worst is when there is no recognition whatsoever…the best was when one physician I worked with years ago personally handed a flower to each nurse. Needless to say, he was our fav!

  11. anna_the_nurse says

    TheNerdyNurse PunchTabWin thanks for putting it together! It makes the week a little more special. :) thank you!!!

  12. NurseBrennaQ says

    Worst was the year we got nothing, but the hospital got some shiny new telemedicine robots (same year institution got magnet, go figure..). Best was notes of thanks from my preceptorship students :)

  13. ShaleeCropperMiles says

    Worst was a “blessing of the hands” they had people come around and offer a prayer over the nurses hands, it was a sweet idea but took longer than expected and the nurses received nothing else from the hospital.  I was a travel RN at that hospital and I received a mug with a built in spoon for nurses week from the company I was traveling with that same year!

  14. annarodriguez33 says

    One year our hospital gave all the nurses rocks for Nurses Week. Rocks! It was supposed to be something like how we were strong like a rock but it went over very poorly. The best gifts have been lunch bags, water bottles, etc. Anything but rocks.


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