Rediscover the Career You Love By Reconnecting with the Art of Nursing

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When you first become a nurse you are chomping at the bit at the chance to practice your craft. Nursing is more than just a job. It’s more than just days filled with tasks, charts, and technical skills. There’s something more to it. Many would even say that when you first become  a nurse you see the art of nursing and not just the science.

Unfortunately, it seems, the longer you work as a nurse the more likely any semblance of nursing as an art form leaves you and even though you may still recognize the science the beauty slowly starts to bleed from a career you once loved.


Fortunately, there are some ways that nurses can revitalize their love for nursing. Every year many hospitals and other healthcare organizations do something special to acknowledge their nursing staff during nurses week. It’s a time when nurses are celebrated and thanked for the work they do. However, however, it’s not often that nurses take time to reinvest in and celebrate themselves.

The Art of Nursing is a 4-day online event hosted by Elizabeth Scala that aims to help busy nurses by providing practical tips “for stress reduction, improved mindfulness and attention to the present moment, better time management, and more!”

So “What is the Art of Nursing and why was it created?” Elizabeth Scala herself can answer that for you!

If you’re feeling stressed, over-worked, and out-of-touch with your love of nursing then this event is for you.

If getting back your love of nursing isn’t enough reason to attend you’ll be glad to know that a total of 9 CEU credits are available if you complete the program.

There are 3 level of admission available:

Students: $95Individuals: $150Organizations: $3500 

So what exactly is included in the program?

Twelve Video Interviews/MP3s and the Series Workbook (over $400 value)

Those speakers include many well-known and highly sought after individuals such as:

Elizabeth Scala Keith Carlson Laurel Lewis
Phyllis Quinlan Kevin Ross Beth Boynton
Lorie Brown Pat Farrell Donna Cardillo
Candace “Candy Campbell”  

Although the speaker sessions are schedule to occur throughout the four days, don’t fret if your schedule isn’t accommodating. The recordings will be available at your convenience after the original recordings have been released.

If you’re interested in attending but don’t have the funds there are even scholarships available!

I feel very fortunate to work in nursing, but there have been times when I didn’t feel so blessed. Events like this are great opportunities to refresh and realign with the things you love about nursing and find ways to adapt your current career path to be one where you can thrive rather than just survive. Remember, nursing is both an art and a science. And as much as I love technology  and helping nurses use it, nurses shouldn’t let the science completely get in the way of appreciating and practicing the art of nursing.

How are you going to celebrate Nurses Week 2014? Comment below and let us know.

If you are interested in attending the Art of Nursing program, you can find out more and sign up.

the art of nursing


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elizabeth scala
elizabeth scala

Thank you for this post, Brittney. It is wonderful and so well-written. Shares the basics, the background and so much more. I appreciate it greatly. In gratitude, enjoy the rest of your day.


I am excited that I will be attending this event! 

Thanks for sharing it with others.