3 Resolutions Every Nurse Should Make

imageNurses spend so much time caring for others that the often don’t have the time or energy to really take care of themselves properly. A new year is a great time to start some new good habits and maybe even quit a few old bad ones. If you want to live a happy life with a fulfilling nursing career then these resolutions might be just right for you.

Nurses Should Resolve to Become More Empowered

I’ve meet so many nurses who feel beat down and bitter. They are angry with the way they are overworked and underappreciated. They love nursing but they just don’t know how much longer they can take it.

Many nurses who will feel beaten and battered may talk about it online or with trusted friends but seldom speak up about it to the powers that be. The nurses at the station may all be aware of the issues, but the nurse manager and his/her superiors may be oblivious. In order to correct this, nurses need to make an effort to be more assertive about issues that are of concern and directly address the situations. You can never expect your situation to improve if you don’t do sometime directly to initiate a change.

Lorie Brown writes a blog about being an empowered nurse. If you’d like more information or becoming more empowered as a nurse you should take a peek.

Nurses Should Resolve to Become More Healthy

I don’t think that nurses are alone in the need to become more healthy. We could all use a little more attention on a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. However, the population of the United States is approximately 30% overweight while the population of nurses is 50% overweight. As a profession we are more likely to be overweight and have other weight related health issues.

It seems odd that we are more overweight than the general population because many of us do get a fair amount of exercise just by the nature of the work we do. Sure it’s not a rigorous gym regimen, but we get a good amount of cardio by walking the halls and lifting heavy patients isn’t for the feeble. Even so, we probably aren’t getting enough activity to offset or terrible eating habits and the havoc the stress of our work wreaks on our metabolisms. For these reasons, and many mothers, nurses need to be a little more focuses and being a little more fit.

Nurses Should Resolve to Learn More About Technology

A good amount of nurses are already tackling technology with gusto. But there are still many nurses who feel intimidated and undermined by all the new requirements that come along with electronic medial records, meaningful use, and other technologies in the workplace. If this is you, then this year you should make an effort to embrace technology for all it can do for you, your nursing career, and the patient’s you care for.

The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology can help provide nurses with the tools needed to embrace technology with open arms. By being more confident and informed on innovations technology can and has brought about, you can see technology in a new light and use it to benefit yourself and your patients.

A New Year a New Nurse

The coming year is an excellent time to shed the old and put on something new. Becoming a more empowered, healthy, and technology savvy nurse you will no doubt make you a much happier nurse with a new-found love for the nursing profession.


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    LisaFrank1018  thank you so much for stopping by and for taking the time to comment.
    When I first became a nurse I did not have any work friends and knew very few people outside of work who were nurses. I desperately wanted to be connected with more nurses and so I started a blog. Everyday I get to connect with more nurses and share my passions about technology, patient care, and nursing. I am so happy to be able to share that with you. :)

    I read (and attempt to reply) to every comment. It thrills me to know that nursing students (at all levels in their education) find my blog at all helpful. :)

  2. LisaFrank1018 says

    Hi Brittney, 
    I found your site for homework in my nursing Technology class for my masters in nursing education. Great points and I will definitely be following. 
    Thanks so Much!

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    the yoga nurse Thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful words. 

    As nurse bloggers we have a great medium to help nurses become more empowered and informed. It’s a powerful medium we have here.

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    JoyceF 12 cups of coffee per shift? And most nurses complain they don’t get a bathroom break. I can’t imagine downing 10 cups of coffee and not having a chance to go to the bathroom.

    Thank you for stopping by. I hope my book can help those struggling with technology to become more confident.

  5. JoyceF says

    I like your 3 points. Many nurses I work with are technologically challenged and all the new updates in technology intimidate them. I will tell them about your book.
    Eating healthy is a big one with nurses. I know some nurses who drink a cup of strong Coffee literally every hour. 
    That is 12 cups per shift….!
    Great post Brittney.

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    I love this Brittney! This post is a pure example of lifting nursing up and showcasing our strengths. Thank you for such beautiful and inspirational writing. Enjoy your health today!

  7. the yoga nurse says

    Empowered. YES. My #1 mission mission for myself and nurses I mentor. Healthy. Oh yes this is just as important. More tech savvy. Working on it all the time. You are doing a superb nov helping nurses get more comfortable with all things techy. Gratitude.

  8. says

    I agree, nurses should definitely strive to keep up with technology. It’s better to try and keep up with it, rather than let it scare you into becoming far behind everyone else.

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    donnad2008 It’s really hard to speak up for ourselves. Nurses almost always put other’s first and finding the time or energy to advocate for yourself can be so hard when you already do so much for others.

    I also know that it can be difficult in a rocky economy when many nurses are job scared and frightened to rock any boats.

  10. donnad2008 says

    Love them all. I embrace technology (#3 down), I’ve learned to speak up to those who can help change (#1 down) and I am a healthier me (#2 down). Learning to speak up for myself, not just others is on the list this year…


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