Interviews, Pinterest, and Heath Issues for Nurses [Scrubs Magazine Round Up]

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Thanks to the Internet, nurses have a enormous amount of information available to them at any given time. However, it can be difficult to sort through the mess and find content that is really valuable and worth reading. That’s where I come in! I take the time to find good content for you so you can spend your time reading, learning, and enjoying the best!

This round we have a diverse collection of fantastic content from Scrubs Magazine. We start with interview tips, have a little fun on Pinterest, and round it up with some serious health issues and concerns for nurses. Have fun!

Interview Help

5 interview questions frequently asked of new nurses is super helpful if you’re a brand new nurse who is on the interview circuit. Not only does it tell you the questions, it actually gives you explanations for what they are asking and helpful hints on how to answer. An interview is where you really have the opportunity to convince a hiring manager that you have what it takes and preparation is the key to being successful at it.

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Awesome Nursing Stuff on Pinterest

Who doesn’t love Pinterest. It’s like putting everything you ever want to do, make, buy, or each it one fantastic place and then sharing those hopes and dreams with the world! We love it!.

We also know that it’s a fantastic place to compile resources for nurses, whether that be great articles to read, inspirational pictures, cute scrubs, or anything else. Pinterest is great for nurses. Check out three collections of great nursing Pinterest Pins:

Health Issues for Nurses

    It’s a little scary to think about, but as nurses we know that career choices can often have negative impacts on our health. But did you know that working as a nurse can cause an increased risk of breast cancer? The article Long-term shift work linked with increased breast cancer risk discusses this topic and references the following research:

    ““Researchers from Queen’s University in Canada found that women who had worked for 30 or more years on the night shift had a doubled risk for developing breast cancer compared with women who worked 29 or fewer years during nights,” wrote HuffPo. “However, researchers noted that the reason for this association is still less than clear.”

    Did you ever think in your wildest dreams that being a nurse might increase your risk for breast cancer?

If you want to learn more about health risks for nurses check out The illness that nurses are most afraid of and Isn’t your health worth the effort?

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