Inspiring Quotes, Great Tips, and Awesome Nurse Bling [Scrubs Magazine Round Up]


I’ve teamed up with Scrubs Magazine to make sure you get an awesome dose of nursing content. Each month I’ll be rounding up some of my favorite articles and sharing them with you. This month is all about appreciating being a nurse, ways to improve your nursing, and cool nursing bling. I’ve also include a few extra bonus article just in case you are thirsty for more nurse-blog goodness.

Take a peek at these awesome Scrubs Magazine articles and let me know what you think.

10 inspiring quotes that’ll make you even more proud to be a nurse will definitely pick you up if you’re feeling down. Nursing can be very hard and there is a big potential for burn out. Sometimes a few inspiring quotes are enough to remind us just how special it is to be a nurse.  If you enjoy this article you should also take a look at Round up: Inspiration for nurses and Nurse love fest: Your favorite funny nurse quotes, inspirational stories and more!

3 body language tips every nurse should know is a worthwhile read for any nurse. I often struggle with appropriate body language myself. I’m honest to a fault an unfortunately that means that even when I don’t say anything my body language gives out I’m really feeling a way. Hopefully I can put these tips to good use!  10 cures for frazzled nurses: shortcuts for an easier day and The top 10 five-second stress-relief tips for nurses also give some fantastic tips to improve your life.

Nurse bling: Personalized, handmade tumbler cup is a SUPER cute beverage container that any nurse is sure to LOVE! Ok, well, male nurses may not dig it quite as much, but you can’t please everyone. If you’re wanting to make sure that your glass is easy to spot and very personalize then this is for you. If you like nurse bling then you might want to check out Nurse bling: 5 nursing decals we love and Nurse bling: Get your favorite nursing e-cards on magnets.

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