Defiance: Great Show or Great Game

DefianceA project like Defiance raising so many eyebrows. So we are here to shed some light on this entertainment extravaganza. So many people are asking: is it a game, or is it a show?

Defiance comes to you from the successful Trion Worlds, the developer behind Rift, another popular MMO. And it looks like they’ve hit it out of the park once again. The reports for Defiance show that  over one million accounts having been created to play this console and PC MMO Shooter. Syfy has even reported the show has already been given a second season and if it continues to provide compelling content, it surely will be given a third.

Having first hand experience I can tell you I’ve enjoyed living in the game and tv world. When I got a copy of the game I was really excited and after the first few minutes I knew it was for me. The game reminds me of Borderlands 2 or Fallout 3, which are two of my favorite games of all time. So needless to say I was having a great time.

No doubt to increase hype and anticipating, Defiance, the game, was released a few weeks prior to the premier of the show.  You were immediately introduced to the main characters of the game in a scuffle you have with Grant and Irisa over an Arkfall. (An Arkfall entails pieces of highly sought after materials or alien technology falling to earth from the many ships orbiting the atmosphere after the Votan races migrated to earth. But, you’ll learn more about that when you watch the show and play the game!) Once the argument over the Arkfall was settled my character befriends Grant and Irisa leading us to work together and recover a piece of the artifact that was stolen; a powerful energy source. Then I saw Grant in the first episode of the show taking the energy source I has helped recover and use I to save the town of Defiance from a hostile attack, so basically I saved the town of Defiance.

The television show itself has been great fun to watch and has only gotten better with each episode. It has taken time to fully develop each character and you slowly but surely get to learn a lot about the town and its many residents. Some are just out for the greater good to protect the first real settlement of alien and human races living together in Defiance. The town does contain its fair share of villains needless to say some out to control and increase their own power and presence in Defiance others seek simply to destroy the harmony built there. They have continued to make ties with the game sometimes the characters from the show will leave the town and show up in the game to give out side quests and further expand on their story. After having enjoyed both the game and series I really feel apart of it all and have greater insight into the story as a whole and highly recommend you don’t be so defiant and give in to the fully immerse world of Defiance.

Have you played Defiance? If not you should totally pick up a copy and join me as we save the world together!


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