ATT Next: The Next Big Thing or Money Pit?

ATT nextIf you are anything like me then you just must have to newest, fastest, and coolest phone as soon as it comes out. Then you, my friend, are most certainly in luck. AT&T has a new plan just for us tech junkies. This gets us one step closer to being able to inject that sweet sweet technology directly into our veins. This new plan dubbed AT&T Next will allow you to get a new phone about once a year instead of two years with out having to make a new down payment. The cost of the down payment will be offset by added fees each month details can be found on IGN.

It looks like you won’t exactly be getting it cheap, or saving any money at all really. But since when has money ever been an issue when you need to have that next hit of new phone goodness. A pandemic is sweeping the world and phone addiction is becoming a very serious issue. At least companies understanding of this tech addiction and allow allowing gadget junkies the option of payments over time instead forcing use to drop a phat stack of cash for my addiction.

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