Apple Drops Amazon App Store Lawsuit Like it’s Hot

Apple App StoreApp Store: it’s a term we should all be familiar with these days. With more than 900,000 apps and 50 billion downloads, Apple feels it has laid claim to those two words. Because of Apple’s claim, they have been in a  two year dispute with Amazon, who released its Amazon App Store for Android in 2011. But now the lawsuit between the two companies has been finally been dropped.

Why did Apple finally agree to drop the suit? A representative from Apple basically said everybody knows who the real top dog in the app store market is and we don’t wanna waste any more time fighting for that app store bone.

It seems both parties agreed to drop the case. Apple with it’s claim that it owns the right to “App Store” and  Amazon agreeing to drop its counter suit.

Now this isn’t he first time that common words or phrases have caused a fight. Dave Hester of Storage Wars began a small dispute over the word YUUUP with rapper Trey Songz. Let’s not forget Paris Hilton trademarking the phrase “That’s Hot”. Thanks to The Apprentice we have Donald Trump attempting to take over the words “You’re Fired”, if we have to start paying to use specific words I am gonna get into the business of arguing over words. Here is my catch phrase for all these absurd lawsuits over words, “sticks and stones may break my bones with trademarking words will never hurt me.”

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