Scrubs Magazine Round Up: Nursing Bling, Male Nurses, and Humor, OH My!

imageIf you don’t already know, Scrubs Magazine is one of the best nursing blogs on the web. Oh, and they’ve got a pretty rad print magazine as well that is widely circulated and probably available at a scrubs store near your! But nursing blogs and websites are really a dime a dozen these days. What makes them different from other nursing blogs is that they aren’t about technical nursing items or negativity, but instead they focus on nursing lifestyle and uplifting nurses. Scrubs Magazine wants to help nurses live fabulously and because of this create entertaining and helpful content just for nurses.

I’ve taken the time to curate some examples of the great articles on the site and am serving them up to you for easy digestion. Hold on tight, there are some great reads here!

Nurse Bling: Necklace Round Up features 5 super cute necklaces that are hand-made and designed with nurses in mind. Whether you are an RN, LPN, or MSN, there is something for you. My personal favorite is the heartbeat on the sterling silver chain. If you liked the necklaces, you can also check out 10 Etsy nurse finds for spring and 10 beautiful and fun Etsy picks for nurses!

10 ways you know there’s a male nurse on the unit is a great article that is cute and funny. My favorite way you know that there is a male nurse on unit the is the need for  XL gloves. Any nurse gets annoyed when the gloves they need in their size aren’t available. This article isn’t about male nurse stereotypes, but more about the dynamics of males and females in the healthcare setting. Male and female nurses alike should gain a chuckle or two. If you enjoyed this article then you might also be interested in 5 things a male nurse should never say to a female nurse and Male nurses and the doctor’s favorite myth.

Humor: Husband pens ode to life with a nurse does a great job of dispelling many popular myths about female nurses. This fella quickly dispels any hint that nurses are sex-kittens or angels. It’s funny and entertaining and pretty much true. Nurses are held to impossible-to-reach standards and it’s good to see them dispelled. If you’re looking for a few more nursing laughs you should check out 10 things to NEVER say to a nurse and Humor: Nursing memes.

What did you think of these articles? Do you have any that you think are worth a read? Sound off in the comments below.


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