From Blogging to Book Writing

imageThings have certainly been busy in my neck of the woods. If you’re a regular reader then you might have noticed that my updates have been light for the last few weeks. Most of my writing energy has been devoted to the book I’ve been writing. It is currently  in the process of being edited and due to be published in October. I’m really excited about the book and that I’ll be a full-fledged author.

When I was initially approached to write the book I was apprehensive. I knew that writing a blog and writing a book were a little different. I’ve always said that I’m a talker, not a writer, and even though I can be fairly long winded, I’m not sure I’ve ever spoke a monologue long enough to fill the pages of a book. I guess until now, of course. 

I was right to be apprehensive. Writing a book is hard! I’m a pretty good blogger and you would think that would transition well to book writing, and I think it doesn, but it doesn’t make it easier. It’s like asking a Olympic sprinter to run a marathon. They could probably do the job but their strength isn’t endurance; it’s cranking it out in the short term.

I’ve been doing my initial author review, edits, and rewrites and it feels like I’ve written the book twice already. If anyone has any preconceived notions on what it’s like to write a book, let me be the first to tell you that it’s hard work.

However, I think that this book will make a big difference for nurses who are struggling with technology. My hope is that The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology will ultimately make a difference in the patient care that nurses who read the book are able to deliver.

I has gotten me thinking about other possible books or ebooks to write. Although at the same time it has me wondering where I am going to find the time to write them. I work a full time job as an informatics nurse and my blogging business continues to grow. Finding time to relax and just exist is difficult these days, but it’s also very fun and exciting.

Thank you for coming along with me on this fantastic blogging and writing journey.


  1. aliciapierre says

    Woohoo! You must be doing SOMETHING right when you get approached to write a book. But I can imagine that it feels overwhelming with everything else you have to do.
    Bird by bird, right? Meaning, page by page. That’s the best way to look at it. (Bird by Bird is a fantastic book on writing by Anne Lamott – for anyone who doesn’t know of it already).
    Keep us posted. Being a fellow health-techy nerd (just made that up), I will definitely be reading your book.

  2. selfemployednurse says

    With your excellent blogging and writing skills, I think your book will be really well received. I am looking forward to your book! I would not mind reviewing it. I was wondering if the content in the book would apply to nurse entrepreneurs as well nurses at the bedside?

    • says

      selfemployednurse you are too kind. Thank you very much. I never in my life thought anyone would say I had excellent writing skills. I’m pretty sure that both my high school English teacher and Middle school English teacher would laugh hysterically if they heard this. I should totally send both of them a copy of my book!

      • selfemployednurse says

        TheNerdyNurse selfemployednurse Come on, did you know that your success as a nurse writer hinges on your  ability to diagram sentences? Diagramming sentences was one of the most pointless activities that was required in middle school. lol. Send them both a copy! Grammar and punctuation rules can be taught, but true creativity is innate.

  3. guotime says

    HI Brittney, I wonder if you heard of nerdfitness, as nerdy nurse reminded me that, just borrowed your awesome infographic on travel nurse friendly facilities in my research on top travel nurse bloggers

  4. girlmeetsgeek says

    I met you in 2010 at CES. (Too long ago!) :) Since then, you have left such an impression on me (and the kiddos.) We are so proud to KNOW you, love you and see you EXCEL at what you do best: being knowledgeable and passionate about nursing and technology. Sincerely, we’re getting the kiddos together soon and catching up. Even phone calls just don’t do it justice. You are going to be a FORCE in the nursing and tech world, my friend. Proud of ALL you’ve done.

    • says

      girlmeetsgeek you made me get all teary-eyed/ I so love you Kate. You’ve help me gain so much confidence in my self and helped me be much more thoughtful about what I write and I say. I am truly honored to know you and call you my friend. We have to hang out soon. Cruise?

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