AllNurses Really Grinds My Gears

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rusty gearsWithout a doubt, is one of the largest nursing forums on the web. Heck, they may even be largest. They have an amazing potential to help other nurses connect with each others and help each other. They could do this even better if they allow nurse entrepreneurs to interact with their community and share their content.

But all nurses does not allow nurse bloggers to post and on their website and share their own content. They don’t allow nurses who have blogs or business a to have a link in their signature and if they share their own content they are moderated and told to stop. But it’s not because they don’t  want links in signatures. No. It’s because they want to sell links in signatures. They also want to keep any and all traffic in their own site.

I’m not talking about trying to prevent spam. I get that. What I’ve posted insightful, long, and well thought out responses to threads with a link to relevant content. What I’ve done is actually improve their SEO by linking to relevant and high page rank content. Even so,  I’m told to step off.

As a successfully nurse blogger I understand what they are doing in terms of trying to keep their traffic. But I think it’s pretty audacious of them to have no desire to be a bigger part of the nursing community online. It seems as though they think they are the only nursing community online and unless you are willing to pay them are now allow to participate.

Here’s a friendly little notification I received today:

Dear TheNerdyNurse,
You have received a Warning at Nursing for Nurses –
Reason: Self promotion
Hi there. While we do appreciate that you have your own blog, promoting it in the way top you are currently, by continually linking to  nerdy nurse is not allowed. To this end we are placing your acct on moderation which means your posts must be reviewed by staff and your private messaging is disabled. This has been discussed with you several times now over the past few yrs.
This Warning is worth 50 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious Warnings will never expire.

I am sure that after I post this that my account will be permanently banned, but I really don’t care to participate in their restrictive website any more.  I’m probably committing a big blogging no no, but I’m really annoyed with their attitude about “competition” to their content and I just needed to say that really grinds my gears. They are preventing the nurses from getting insight from any entrepreneur nurse who may want to help their readers if they were given the ability to link to their content.

I wouldn’t be surprised if any of my content that is linked to on their site by other users is removed in the future. Heaven forbid anyone click on an outbound link to another nursing related site, unless of course, they got paid for it.

I’ve often considered starting me own nursing forum. Nurse entrepreneurs have so much they can offer online. We need a better centralized location to speak to each other because AllNurses doesn’t want us

But I want us.  I want you! Do you run a nursing blog or business? Feel free to link your website in the comments below. My links are do follow and if you are willing to take the time to comment on my blog I think you deserve your link. I care about all of you and your success online and I hope that others click on your links and go to your page.

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  1. innovativenurse says

    I couldn’t agree more Brittney. All Nurses is a great resource for nurses, but the primary reason is because of the nurses who contribute to the community. This site is actually oppressive with its terms of services keeping everyone “tethered” to the site. 
    I actually wrote a post last year in response to one of my forum posts being taken down. I even attempted to remain professional in my response not necessarily calling them out, but you can certainly read between the lines.
    Student nurses on the forums are always asking for help with their classes. They need to interview someone, they need input/advice, etc. I just wanted to extend an opportunity for the student nurses to share their story on RNFM Radio, which was already booked solid, but we wanted to make this a regular event. 
    I see so many posts on that forum that either go unanswered  partially answered, or just not the right answers for community members. 
    This business model will soon be the downfall of their site.

  2. says

    Hello Brittney/Kevin, had that conversation with Brian Short over a decade ago when we were both starting out, at this point they are set in their ways, don’t expect them to change.  Their model works, they’ve made a ton of money and are protecting their assets.

    Lotsa other places to go. If we got our collective acts together we could make them obsolete in a very short period of time.  We’ve got the “reach” to draw people into discussions, forums, conversations.
    Not for nothing, you both already set up a perfectly good replacement in the Nurseup site.  You’re both welcome to take an active role in making that their top competitor and reaping the rewards. 
    We’ve done some amazing work promoting issues in the past, drawing nurses in.  Not many reasons why we could not do it again. The network is still in place.

    innovativenurse thenerdynurnurse

    • says

      guess his idea of nursing community is his own site. How brazen and arrogant. Nurses need a better place to go. A place that isn’t ran by forum Nazi’s and values nurse entrepreneurs for their excellent insight and rewards them for their contributions.

  3. Emergiblog says

    Interesting, because the entire point of the internet and connecting in social media is being able to reach out and expand and SHARE! As bloggers, we understand that putting links to other sites, whether or not it is our  personal blog, leads to increased information – and traffic – for everyone. 
    I’m not a part of AllNurses, not because I have anything against them, I simply never became involved in the community outside of a rare comment over the years.
    Bloggers are always sharing content and linking to each other – it’s what we do! It’s part of the community – you will find it in any blogging community, not just nursing.  It’s sad that it is seen as “self promotion” and not the promotion of nursing or nursing fellowship.

    • says

      Emergiblog most bloggers, webmasters, and social media professionals get the quid-pro-quo of content creation and links. I added lots of useful material and placed relevant links.

  4. MindTheNews says

    intriguing article
    really liked it
    though i am nt a part of Allnurses, but i still found this article useful
    thankx for sharing

  5. RTConnections says

    Loved the post and applaud your willingness to share with us. Reminds me of some of the “hand slapping” emails I got from some LinkedIn groups who won’t allow me to share my blog post within the group. 
    Although I do understand the whole spam and solicitation thing, if what someone posts is helpful to their readers, I can’t think of a reason other than greed to ding and potentially exile you!
    You’re doing great work…don’t be bullied by anyone!

    • says

      RTConnections they would much rather have their readership stay within their site, I was told. It’s all about money with them. In the past when I asked about link in the signature I was told to purchase a premium membership or advertising.

  6. podmedic says

    Brian and the gang at have always had this policy. I got a similar “hand slap” in the past. I have to say that they are consistent and don’t allow any organization to self promote there. Still, maybe they can add a nurse entrepreneur channel to their forum to allow us to chat about what we do without violating the rules on their other posts.

  7. AmeliaMT says

    I totally get where they are coming form….as a blogger myself….I obey their Terms of Service and not reference my site in their forums.  They allow you to freely post your url and social site connection on your home page.  I feel free to participate and don’t feel the need to advertise on every post my site.  I knew this when I signed up and I agreed to their terms.  I understand if I break the rules there are consequences….so I accept the rules or I accept the consequences.  I also know that they have a progressive process that involves warnings before point and points before moderation.  I appreciate the professional atmosphere and the relief from the constant bombardment of “come see my site” that makes Allnurses what it is.

  8. JoyceHarrell says

    Well, at least you got a warning. I posted a comment several years ago. I was answering a question a nurse had asked… And they just banned me. No warning at all… I wasn’t even promoting my website. I guess I did the unthinkable… I had been talking about being a nurse entrepreneur. Sharing ideas…etc. Not even just sharing what I do, but what can be done in general.  Someone wanted to know how to get in touch with me. They had more questions.. Yea.. I posted my email address… I really wasn’t thinking when I did it. But I honestly wasn’t trying to break rules. But… they didn’t even send a warning letter. They just closed down my account.

    • says

      JoyceHarrell don’t let it bother you Joyce. They are nurse forum dictators and totally don’t get nurse community and so concerned that someone might actually click an outbound link that they aren’t getting cpc for, you email address included, that they don’t know what to do with them self.

  9. says

    I wasn’t aware of this issue; it’s sad when the concern about a website’s own gain gets in the way of a good community! I do understand their policies and why they’re in place, but it does seem a little strict.

  10. RNDeer says

    Hi there!
    I know the exact feeling. As part of my latest start-up I am trying to help new nurses find their first job. I made the mistake of posting a link to my site letting nurses know about my new resource and got banned within the hour. I had just spent countless hours pulling together over 400 nurse residency and new grad programs while paying a developer a few hundred dollars to get me set up! I figured that with all that work, nurses should know about our site when looking for more places to apply.
    Oh well.
    David Rndeer

  11. says

    Bravo Brittney! You are totally on the money about the site. I have also received warnings and have decided it isn’t worth my time to go back. And in talking with other nurse entrepreneurs, I have found out I am not the only one. Now to hear this -while it is annoying and obnoxious- it is music to my ears to know I was not alone. You are doing the right thing and amazing work. It is about collaboration, it is about collective marketing. Anyone who lives in the space of competition lives from a place of “lack”. They will never prosper as much as they could have if they only came from a mindset of abundance. There is over-enough of us all to go around. What a silly thing they do, so I am so glad you are doing what YOU do and holding the space for us ALL to do what we love. Thank you!

  12. aliciapierre says

    Hey Brittney,
    I couldn’t agree more. Although I think allnurses does provide a decent forum for nurses of different stages to interact, I feel what they are missing is providing vital resources. With anyone being able to post, it can end up a haphazard (and loud) coffee shop with little direction for those who are looking for expert help on a subject matter. 
    I think people are looking for more than just individual stories and opinions. There are some of us nurses who want to do more than rant and rave. Some of us actually want to discuss solutions to problems, help other nurses dealing with things like stress, nursing field transitions, and career advice (to name a few). 
    But I must say that I don’t know much about the owners/founders and what their intention is for the site are. That makes all the difference. Maybe they are just so concerned about forums being bombarded with promotions, that they are willing to sacrifice having any type of expert portal/resource for their audience. Who knows? But these are questions I hope they ask themselves and their readers.
    Great article. I love these types of articles that question the “powers that be” and the mega popular or status quo. One of my mottos in life: question everything! It’s the only way to improve. :)

  13. NurseJim says

    Hi Brittney. I have just recently discovered your blog and I must say I like it a lot. I truly know what you mean about allnurses. Its a shame they don’t realize the importance of helping the nursing community by helping the blogs that in turn help all readers. Its a circle if life thing. Now I guess since you were gracious enough to offer I will list my site :-). To be honest I am more used to starting more affiliate related websites and blogs but I am just passionate about nursing and CNA in particular. Nurses are sooo important and highly under glorified IMHO. Anyways keep up the excellent work and I look forward to reading more on your site and who knows maybe we can do some guest blogging! I would love hear about the business side if thenerdynurse sometime. Take care!

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