Do You Know an Amazing Nurse? Nominate Them!


Do you know a nurse that is just Amazing?

A nurse that has “inspired you with their skill, comfort, and care?”

Nurses make an impact in people’s lives every day. They are on the front line of healthcare and have the opportunity to make a big different for patients that are in need. But what most nurses don’t realize is they have an opportunity to make a positive impact on even more patients.

When a nurse makes a positive impact on another nurse that impression goes beyond just a single experience. It can go on help to thousands of patients as additional nurses pay it forward.

You see, nurses learn how to interact with and care for patients in many ways. This incudes classroom time and experience. But it also includes learning from the nurses who have came before them. When we see nurses who make difference we want to learn from them and be like them. They are inspirational nurses and nurses that care often aspire to be like them.

Is there a nurse that you aspire to be like? Are they an inspirational nurse? a compassionate nurse, a caring nurse? Or just a downright amazing nurse?

These nurse deserve to be acknowledged. They deserve to be honored. They deserve to have other nurses look up to them and aspire to be like them.

These are the role models that new nurses need.

Do you know a nurse like this? Do you know a nurse that deserves to be honored?

Don’t just sit there: Honor them! Nominate them!

And of course, tell them how fantastic they are. Tell them you aspire to be like them. Tell them that they are great nurse and that the world is a better place because they are there. Nurses so often go underappreciated for the work they do. If you know a nurse

How to Nominate

Nominate them as Johnson and Johnson’s Amazing Nurse for 2013.


From in-home professional caregivers to Emergency Room specialists and military medical service personnel, nurses make an impact on our lives every day. In celebration of their dedication, we want to highlight Amazing Nurses who make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you. Nurses take care of and heal so many of us – now let your Amazing Nurse know how much you care.

The 2013 Amazing Nurse will be featured on the Nursing Notes by Johnson & Johnson Facebook page.

Nomination Criteria

Eligible Nominees for Amazing Nurses 2013 must meet all of the following criteria:

• A Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) who currently administers direct patient care

• Legal U.S. Resident

• 21 years of age or older

Nominate an Amazing Nurse today!


  1. babygirs3200 says

    In light of the Trayvon Martin’s death and verdict of the trial freeing George.  All institution should reflect on race. To African Americans we feel that the verdict is once again the perpetuation of racism in our nation/institution. How does this racism affect a professional especially nurses. 
    I experience racism in the workplace daily. A white nurse or Latino nurse, or Asian  with very little experience are made to be in charge of an Arican -american nurse with added years of experience. That is racism. A hospital will put a patient at risk,  due to racism and that is wrong. this is an issue that must be made public and hospital needs to have a discussion about this without penalizing the nurse that talks about these issues.
    We usually uphold and idealize our doctors. But in light of the Michael Jackson’s case, the doctor was found guilty due to his race. Doctors do no wrong, they usually have a nurse available to watch their patients. He was only guilty of not having a nurse on the case, to monitor his patient.
    Afro-American Nurses are smart. Yet Staff nurses and doctors continue to be skeptical when One of these nurses take care of a patient ,which require a higher level of care. And I speak from experince.  
    When our nation takes race out of everything, like eliminating milk from our coffee or sugar from our drinks and judge everything by  the same standard, that is then we will be a post racial society.

    • says

      babygirs3200 I live in Georgia, and honestly I’ve never seen this. I’ve had many African American charge nurses and there were several who were department managers. One of the most successful managers in the informatics nurse is an African American female nurse. 
      I really hate that you’ve had experience that continue  a standard of belittling a person because of their race. I sincerely believe that this is no longer the standard and hope that you don’t continue to see it throughout your career.

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