I am a Google #GlassExplorer

A short time ago Google announced that it would be invited a select few to have the opportunity to purchase the Google Glass technology much early then the general population. 8,000 have been selected to become a #GlassExplorer and will have the opportunity to purchase Google Glass at $1500, provided they can travel to New York City, Sacramento, or Los Angeles  pick them up and receive to googlerific training.

Google wanted to choose different people who would use the technology in a variety of ways.

Here’s the tweet from me that caught Google’s eye.


If you haven’t already heard of Google Glass you have to check out this video

It’s an amazing new technology that augments reality and keeps you from looking down at your phone constantly. You can take pictures, record video, video call, share messages and status update, Google what you are looking at, find the weather, and navigate urban areas, just to name a few of it’s capabilities.


.To say I’m excited, is an understatement. I’ve always said that if I could sew my iPhone to the back of my hand to have it on me at all times, I would. This is even better. It’s like mobile computing to the next level and I an honored to be invited to be a pioneer in owning this technology.

A year ago when I had my brain tumor I have very lucid dreams/hallucinations for about a week solid. One of the dreams involved my hospital stay, except instead of having a brain tumor removed,  was being hospitalized to insert nanobots into my brain. The hospitalization was merely a cover-up so they could complete the procedure. The nanobots would basically turn to into a cyborg and allow me to be connected the we web at all times. I knew it was absolutely a hallucination, but it was still an incredibly cool dream to have.  Who knew a year later that this weird, narcotic induced lucid dream would become a reality.image

I know that healthcare could benefit immensely from this sort of technology. Imagine the benefits to physicians in accessing information and documenting care. If nurses could dictate their care, record their assessments in video, and take pictures of the wounds they dress, there would be far more time to care for patients. Although the technology isn’t quite there yet, Google Glass will make it closer than ever. In a few years, a hospital near you may have Google Glass equipped nurses on the cutting edge of technology.  I’d really love to see this in my lifetime.

  • What are your thoughts on Google Glass?
  • Do you think that technology like this will ever be adopted in patient care?


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    This is very exciting – congratulations! How do you think patients will react if they don’t know about Google Glass? Will they be curious, or assume they’re just regular glasses?

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    WOW! This is fascinating. I am sure you are thrilled. Great post to share on twitter to get a Google Glass for nurses!! I love it. And yes, your experience of your dream becoming your reality is quite interesting. But they say that’s the truth… when we really, really want what we think of, dream of, or hope for- when we feel and experience it- we are much more likely to get it! Glad you are having the time of your life! Elizabeth

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    Very exciting! What a wonderful way to use this tech. Google definitely picked the right person. I look forward to reading your review in the future!


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