Twyxt App: Keeping Your Relationships in Sync

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Keeping track of happenings in a relationship can be tough. Usually our family relies on a reliable mom (me) to bark orders every morning of who goes where and when. Doctor’s appointments require many phone calls and frequent text reminders . School events are fortunately few and far between at this point since my little man is only 3 and goes to preschool just 2 days a week. But surely there’s got to be a better way than nagging everyone all the time? Surely there is some technology to help us keep up with each other better.Twyxt_Logo-RGB

The Twyxt app may just be our solution. It’s a free app that is available now on the itunes apps store now. Twyxt is a unique app that allows users to capture memories while getting things done. You can share your calendars, send direct messages, share lists, moods, photos and more. It’s a great tool to stay more connected with your significant other’s schedule and make sure you are on the same page.


“Twyxt is a private, intimate and useful app for capturing and celebrating a couples shared life together” said Tyson Verstraete, Life Of Two Co-Founder and CEO. “Twyxt cuts through the social noise so couples can focus on the story they are writing together about their most important relationship.”

The list feature alone is a life saver. You can create grocery list at home while your significant other is heading to the store and then direct message something scandalous within the very app  that you created a list on for  your lover out to get whip cream and cherries with. Talk about multiple uses!

Twyxt-MessengerAnother neat feature is how this app works almost like a digital scrapbook. Many in relationships might find they like to keep a log of their sweet texts but it can be cumbersome and time consuming. With Twyxt you can use the messaging feature to make sure that all those memories are kept in one location with the addition of lots of great photos, of course.

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How do you stay connected and in sync in your relationships?

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