Musubo: Retro for iPhone 5 Review

imageMusubo: Retro for iPhone 5 is a case with an imaginative design. The case is not only functional, but also interesting and unique. It’s unique grip-factor makes it one of the easiest cases to hold onto. It also comes packaged with a collapsible stand so you can enjoy multimedia goodness with ease.


Dropping phones its one of the major tragedies of this generation. But you no longer need to suffer this with the Musubo Retro case for iPhone 5. While using this case for I have enjoyed the comfort and superior grip and it nice circle in the center I find is a great spot to rest your index finger while using the phone. It comes with two pieces that for increased protection a silicone rubber inner piece that hugs your phone and make it comfortable and warm. Doesn’t everyone like hugs? So the phone has to love snugging with this soft silicone and a happy phone means your happy. It also has a hard polycarbonate exterior that helps should you fall victim to phone droppage. Although, we don’t know when you’d ever encounter a drop with the superior grip-factor of this case.

imageSome features of this iPhone 5 case:

  • · A true design original, the Retro protects your device without sacrificing style
  • · Provides dual layer protection with a strong polycarbonate shell and soft silicon cushioned interior
  • · Offers enhanced grip and access to all ports
  • · Precision fit for iPhone 5
  • · Includes a folding video stand for on-the-go entertainment
  • · Comes in classic colors including black, red, blue, silver and white

The outer edges are exposed for the soft silicone to function as button to access the volume and power buttons with comfort and ease. Designed to look and feel like a 50’s microphone it feel and looks very stylish. It comes excellent shades of color including black, red, blue, silver and white. The case also includes the stand for when you need to prop for extended view further reducing the chance of falling prey to phone drop-gate this horrible event may never plague you again.

The Musubo: Retro for iPhone 5 is available for a sweet deal on $14.99

You can find more details about Musubo’s products at.

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