Raising The Salary for Nurses Across the Board

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Recently I posted about the pros and cons working as a salaried nurse verses hourly. Kevin Ross, of Innovative Nurse, has responded in a youtube video but has shifted the focus of the discussion to the wages of nurses in general. So let’s continue the conversation.

Kevin is a nurse consultant and was surprised  after a discussion with another nurse hen he learned what the average pay for nurses is currently. And let me be completely honest when I say that I think nurses are reimburses well, compared to many other jobs I’ve done, but there is always room for improvement.

Here’s his video explanation of some of the benefits of working as a salaried nurse and raising the pay grade by at least 30-40%.

Kevin Ross discusses nurse wages

Honestly what disturbs me more than the amount of money that nurses make is the drastic difference in wages based upon geography. For example, a nurse in Georgia might earn between $18-25 and hour while a nurse performing the same duties (an with a maximum patient load of 4) might make $60-90 an hour. I understand the cost of living differences but it certainly does make me feel less valuable based purely on my geography. I’ve never understood this and probably never will.

Kevin’s point in the video discussing transition to a salaried model verses an hourly one is interesting. It would certainly help with overtime and those nurses that ride the clock would probably move on along. But then the potential of getting an uninterrupted lunch is probably going to be completely eliminated. But honestly, how often does that really happen any way?

I don’t think you can get out of clocking in and clocking out. There has to be some method to track who worked when so that if a legal matter arose and someone tried to blame it on a nurse that wasn’t even there/clocked in that it could not occur.

I’m all for raising nurses salaries overall, but with the cuts to Medicare payment that are occurring  and directly effecting the bottom-line of hospitals and other healthcare providers being asked to do more and more with less all the while with a smile on their face,  I have trouble believing they are going to pay nurses anymore than they absolutely have to. It would have to come out of one the executive pockets and we all know that ain’t gonna happen.

What are your thoughts?

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