Gaming to Relax?


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In this day and age our methods of relaxation are a far cry from those of the past. Long gone are the days of kick-the-can and stick-ball. We now have more vibrant forms of entertainment. I personally enjoy spending far too much time on the internet (or “computing” as my husband calls it).  In addition to blogging and checking out funny cat picture, I also spend a large amount of time just web surfing or emailing. I’m also able to stay connected with friend and family  in ways I never could before. And hey, if I feel like stalking an ex-boyfriend or old roommate, facebook is there to provide me hours of creepy stalkerish entertainment. However, to be completely honest, one of my most favorite pastimes is gaming.

gaming is relaxaion

I’m lucky that I’m not alone in this relaxation technique because if the gamers were only marketing to me, they might not be able to feed their children. Luckily many men, women, girls, and boys enjoy getting their game on. The variety of games ensures that pretty much everyone can find a style of game that strikes their fancy.Whether it is facebook Farmville’s type games  or one of the plentiful choices on itunes of the Play store. It’s strangely comforting to know that I’m not the only one who unleashing my nerd rage on virtual pixels. Whether it is bad piggies or Templars of Assassin’s Creed, no digital creation can avoid my nerdy de-stress rage.

Some of my favorite games are where I can control entire civilizations of people. It’s empowering and relaxing to be able to command tiny pixelated characters to do my bidding. Who needs to rule the world when I can easily rule an entire civilization thanks to my iPad? If you haven’t yet experienced the supreme joy of holding digital villager’s lives in your had, you really need t give it a shot.

Before you run off to work on your evil laugh and grin whilst plotting to take over the virtual world of your choice, don’t forget we can always benefit from a little quite time every now and then. Those are the times that I flip my iPad to silent mode. That count, right?

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How do you relieve stress?

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