cureLauncher: The Kickstarter for Cancer Treatments

It is nearly impossible to find someone who hasn’t been affected by cancer. To put it quite simply, (and crudely, my mother might say) Cancer Sucks! It’s an affliction that we should surely have a cure for by now, right? We’ve got entire computers compacted to the size of cell phones, but we can’t figure out how to kick the crap out of cancer? Can’t we take the power of crowd sourcing from wildly popular sites like Kickstarter to work towards curing cancer?

We can! And cureLauncher is making it happen.

So what is cureLauncher?

“cureLauncher launches cures for diseases, right now, right where each person lives.”

cureLauncher gives you the power to find tomorrow’s cures today. This online community is doing far more than just pinkwashing. They are putting your money where the cancer is. 90% of the funding received goes directly to the research that you choose to fund.

The most popular project right now is DM-CHOC-PEN: A Chemotherapy Drug for Breast Cancer That Has Spread to the Brain.

To have a greater understanding of why funding treatment for this type of cancer is so important you first need some background on the disease. Metastatic breast cancer (stage IV breast cancer) is a form of advanced breast cancer where the cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body (brain, bones, liver, and other organs). The 5 year survival rate of stage IV breast cancer is 15%.

DM-CHOC-PEN has already shown improved survival in a patient with advanced breast cancer that spread to the brain (plus – lung and liver metastases). The funds sourced online will be used to help cover the needs of manufacturing the drug in this costly stage of the project.


Another great resource offered on the site is the ability to find life-saving clinical trials. This service is provided free of charge and is completely confidential (HIPPA-compliant). With the over 7,500 clinical trials available cureLauncher can help you to discover the power to fight disease.

The online community is beautifully designed and the user experience appears flawless. There’s even a live chat feature so you can get help immediately if you have any questions or concerns.

If you’re a researcher looking for a way to increase funding to your cancer treatment project, cureLauncher may be the key. They can help to quickly and easily create a page to increase awareness of your research and allow the world to contribute to your valuable work.

With the constant threat of reduced or eliminated governmental funding of drug research it’s imperative that we make a move to fund research without congress holding the key.


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