A Look at the Audi Connect System

imageAudi is ushering in a brand new generation of connectivity, with the super-convenient Connect System. This is an elaborate system that combines the practicalities of satellite navigation with ‘everywhere to everybody’ Wi-Fi capacity. When the German carmaker originally conceived of the idea, iPhone users and demanding internet users were surely top of the target audience.

Audi connect was launched in the Audi A7 in the middle of 2012, and was successively implemented in the A6 sedan range in autumn. Thanks to the system, passengers are able to surf the web on their iPad, and throttle their smartphones to full capacity. The Audi connect itself doesn’t have direct access to voice communication systems – however, VoIP is available via the use of smartphones, which also allow access to Skype.

Destination: The Jetsons

The main prerogative with this system was for Audi to expand on an ever-popular and perennially luxurious brand by bringing it into the second decade of the 21st Century. Audi have ushered in the change, to bring a seismic shift in technology in cars. The Audi Connect has effortlessly made DVD player-based entertainment systems look obsolete.


A New Era in Satnav

Not merely content with satellite navigation that does its job well, the people at Audi have developed a far superior take for in-car navigation. The Connect System reminds in fact of the state-of-the-art navigation tools available to pilots.

The satellite navigation’s visual consists of a layered graphic that can seamlessly blend live information that’s requested from the web with traditional navigation tools. Drivers can then request information using a scroll wheel or touch pad with character recognition. Even here, Audi have thought ahead: to avoid driver distraction, the text-heavy functionality is disabled when the car is in motion.

One thing is for sure: with Audi Connect, the German manufacturer has surpassed expectations, and will surely have some extra pulling power with the über-connected younger crowd.

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