How Parents Can Help Their Athletes Get Ready for Scouts

Guest Blogger: Jenna

imagePlaying baseball is a favorite past time of many teens and college athletes. Many who love the sport have been playing for quite a long time. One of the players goals is to be selected to join into a league or professional team. This is a possibility for anyone playing but not everyone will get into it. There are some things you can do if you hear of a scout coming to your high school game or tournament to help you become noticed. Remember that there’s more to playing the game than just what you see on the field. Make sure your player has the right supplies like you find at Homerun Monkey baseball supplies and that they have proper rest and are ready to play their best the day the recruiters are there.

One way to make sure you are noticed when playing in high school sports is to make sure your grades are good. This shows that not only can you play the game but you can also manage your time wisely. Parents can help by giving additional time and attention to your child’s education needs or hiring a tutor to ensure grades are kept high. As an athlete your focus is should be succeeding in doing well in school.  Scouts like to see the whole picture and see that you are a well-rounded and talented athlete. This also shows you know how to prioritize and how to manage your schedules.

One thing you can do if you know a scout is coming is to create a compilation of game highlights. It is not recommended you send these tapes in unsolicited but you can prepare one if you know a scout is coming. The scouts typically come out for tournaments or competitive games where they can see a wide variety of players in one place. Scouts have certain territories and areas they cover so they like to combine the views in games of this nature.

There’s often an area where parents are concerned for their students chances and that is in their stats for the year. These are important but are not the defining factor of whether they get drafted or not. The stats show the recruiter or scout what your child is doing and what they are capable of. They will look at them but it is not the end all when it comes to your child being selected.

Another important aspect of your child succeeding in the scouting process is their character. A scout can tell a lot about your player on how they act when playing against a weaker team. They tell this even when the team is stronger. Your character as a player is just as important as your skills as a player. Be sure to do your best, show your abilities and let your talent shine in all areas of your life.

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