x-doria Shield: Multiple Layers of iPhone 5 Protection (review)

imageThere is no shortage of iPhone 5 cases to meet your protection requirements. However, some definitely do the job better than others. The x-doria Shield is a notch above other iPhone 5 cases due to it’s multiple layers of protection, integrated screen protection, protective port design, and the diversity of color options.

imageIf it looks like construction safety equipment then it’s probably safe. Right?

This new case adds not one, not two,  but count ’em: three layers of protection. It stays tightly packed by your side and provide superior protection and ease of mind in the toughest of battles. I mean of course the Shield from x-doria for iPhone 5, if your using it to battle orcs and goblins in an epic sword duel or deflecting laser blasts in your game of choice the Shield case from x-doria is the one for you.


I suffer from the ole “butter fingers” at times after long play sessions which if your like me your phone is almost always in your hand. Never again will you worry about whether a potential pocket pull out drop or a sweaty hand slip. With it’s interior impact resistant silicone snugly embracing the curves of your phone, your iPhone is safe through most usual impacts. The x-doria Shield also features an integrated screen protector. Unlike many other products of its kind the front section for your screen isn’t some flimsy piece of plastic. It is a hard shell that wraps around the phone and fits perfectly inside and an hard outer shell to round out the three piece collection of protection.


I chose the orange and gray color combination because of the obvious safely implication. I mean, just looking it reminds me to be safe with my iPhone. Speaking of safety the silicone has flaps for every port and perforated covers for the speakers. I really like that it cover all open parts of the phone keeping out all that pocket lint and debris from the getting into my ear piece and headphone jack. It even has a back cover of hard plastic to protect your back camera from scratches and toddler gunk.

I’ll take the x-doria Shield over a Roman bulwark to protect my phone any day because frankly I don’t think an buckler offer the same level of protection that this shield does. .

The x-doria Shield is available is the following color combinations:

Teal and Black, Grey and White, Orange and Gray, Gray and Black, and Yellow and Black.


Find out more about the x-doria shield case or pick up your own at x-doria.com

You can pick up the X-Doria Shield Case for iPhone 5 on amazon for $39.99


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