Doctors Must Protect Their Online Reputation

Guest Blogger: Jenna


As a doctor, you are taught early on that your medical practice reputation is of the utmost importance. In fact, it’s drilled into you right from medical school. So here you are worrying about every single patient you see, taking proper notes, making sure you make the right prognosis, and so on. You may even spend sleepless nights making sure everything is perfect. When all along someone could come along and make false accusations, which could seriously damage that reputation.

How is that possible?

Social media websites changed the way we interact with the web. Currently, the internet gives anonymity freely and allows for anyone to post any information, comment or review. The information written is not regulated and therefore does not have to be true. Unfortunately, anyone can post defamatory information about you, whether they are a real patient or not.

How Can I Find Out What is Posted about My Medical Practice?

Researching your online reputation is as easy as entering your medical practice’s name into Google and looking through the results. If most of this is positive information with only one, or at most two, negative comments, then the positivity will win out. On the other hand, if there is no positive information about your practice online and there is at least one negative comment, then this can seriously affect your medical practice.

How So?

Online marketing statistics show that over 90% of people Google a company, a doctor or any professional they are considering doing business with before they actually visit the professional’s office. If negative information exists online this could cause the person to think twice about using you as their doctor. Additional studies show that about 50% of people who find negative information online which refers to a professional service, often refrain from using that service.

What Others are Doing?

Many professionals in the medical field have found it beneficial to hire the professional services of a professional online reputation management team (ORM). This is a growing industry because it is useful to professionals around the world. This service ensures that positive information, comments, reviews, and posts are made about your medical service. This is a professional team that knows how to manage doctor reviews, so they are experts on how to manage medical reputations. This way if someone does post a negative review, it is offset by all of the good information that already exists online.


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    Good post Jenna. It is important for everyone, including professionals to always be aware of how their reputation is perceived; always think about what you are writing. As with any other professional you need to know what you are on social media to accomplish. Are you trying to boost your business, get more patients, offer your expertise, get a writing contract, make friends, etc. different objectives call for different strategies, but always be aware that many eyes are watching you.

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