Weight Loss Strategies That Keep You Fat


If you have ever tried to lose weight, you have probably heard about every diet plan available. Whether it’s the diet plan that forces you to eat hot sauce or the one that makes you starve yourself for days, these plans rarely work for long-term success. By examining the weight loss strategies that keep you fat, you will be able to find a dieting system that actually works.


Almost every dieter has tried starvation or a variety on the theme. This system requires you to cut calories back to a drastic level or simply not eat. These starvation plans can span across multiple days, causing a great deal of discomfort. While they might succeed in helping you shed a few pounds, they can’t be sustained over time. The body will understand that you are starving it and punish you by slowing down your metabolism. This will prevent you from losing weight.

If you starve yourself over long periods of time, your body will start using your muscles for fuel. Starvation is never a solution for sensible eating.

Extreme Exercise

The human body doesn’t like extremes. Many people embark on exercise regimens that require them to exercise for hours a day at a high intensity. Unless you are a professional athlete, this is not going to work on a long term basis. If you are exercising for hours a day, you risk injury. At some point, the body will become acclimated to this level of exercise, making the routine less difficult.

This means you will have to increase your exercise level to continue to lose weight. Most people can’t exercise for five hours a day. Simply increase your exercise slightly if you are already exercising.If you don’t get any exercise, try working out for 30 minutes a day, three times a week.

Eliminating Certain Foods

While eliminating empty calories is good for permanent weight loss, cutting out ordinary food is not sustainable. Some people avoid all bread when trying to lose weight. Others will never eat pasta or eat cheese. Some will eat only protein or just grapefruit or cut out meat. When you are losing weight, you don’t have to cut foods out entirely. Try Sensa to curb your appetite and boost your metabolism for a weight loss boost.

In theory, you can eat whatever you want as long as you stay within your calorie budget. If you are allotted 1,200 calories a day, for example, it doesn’t matter whether you eat 1,200 calories of fruit or 1,200 calories of bread and cheese. As long as you are creating a calorie deficit, you don’t have to cut out your favorite foods.

If you have ever heard of the diet that requires you to only eat hot sauce and drink lemon juice for two weeks, you know how ridiculous these fad diets can be. Fad diets, like the ones that require you to only eat meat and eggs for a month, are not effective on a long-term basis. Stick to a sensible diet and you will see permanent results.

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  1. says

    It is more than just calories in vs calories out.

    “it doesn’t matter whether you eat 1,200 calories of fruit or 1,200 calories of bread and cheese” – I disagree, and the latest medical research does too.

    Carbs and sugar stimulate insulin production… Insulin stores fat. Carbohydrates and sugar also create excess glucose which quickly stores as glycogen in the muscles and any excess is stored as fat. Also Carbs and sugar keep your body from burning fat for energy because they provide so much energy in and of themselves.

    To burn fat you must reduce insulin production and excess glycogen/glucose levels by avoiding certain types of food or limiting the food, but to say it doesn’t matter what type of calories is just old thinking.

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