Social Media in Healthcare [Infographic]

The healthcare industry is slowly starting to realize the value of social media.

If we want to increase compliance and improve access to care, social media and technology are the way to go. The ability to educate consumers through such a cost-effective and highly visible media that is web 2.0.

The following infographic gives a glimpse at how hospitals are using social media. It displays areas of strength as well as areas with opportunity.


via HealthWorks Collective and PowerDMS

What I found most troubling within this infographic is that based on this survey, 45% of hospitals do not have a social media policy. Yet in 2011,42% of organizations have admitted to disciplining employees due to their behavior on social media. While it is not clear is how many employees received discipline when there was no social media policy in place to begin with. And that is what is troubling to me.

While we might assume that people should know how to act on social media, many need guidance in order to use these new forms of media appropriately. There is a learning curve and it seems highly inappropriate to discipline an employee for not following a rule that wasn’t written in a policy.

If some hospitals still aren’t sure how to use social media, why should they have the expectation that their employees be instant experts?

Are you a healthcare employee that uses social media?

Does your employer have a social media policy readily available?

What are their expectations of you?


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    Defiantly all businesses now started focusing on social media more than ever before. They should anyway come where real people are.

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