Controlling your Smartphones with Your Eyes: Futuristic Tech a Reality Now

imageHave you ever wish that you could control your smartphone simply by looking at it? While it may sound a little silly, sometimes it’s just plain annoying to have to use your hands to control your device. I’m a dreamer of technology dreams. I have visions of geekery dancing in my head more often than not. And having the ability to control a smartphone or tablet by simply moving your eyes is what nerdy little dreams are made of.

The Eye Tribe (formerly known as Senseye) are making nerdy dreams a reality by developing technology that allows you to manipulate your electronics by simply moving your eyes. It’s pretty rad. I’m not the only one who thinks it’s awesome because they just secured $800,000 worth of funding to help further their project.

They’ve already featured the prototype and are not working towards releasing the product to the masses. The next step will be releasing a development kit and working with mobile device creators and users. They do hope that the technology will be available in smartphones as early as next year.

See it in action:



The image captured by the front-facing camera of the smartphone or tablet is analyzed using computer-vision algorithms. Our software can then determine the location of the eyes and estimate where you’re looking on the screen with an accuracy good enough to know which icon you’re looking at.

The version showcased in the videos uses the “EyeDock”, an add-on with an inexpensive webcam and an infrared LED. These are standard components and can be integrated into a mobile device using the front-facing camera and a built-in LED.

We’re now establishing connections and partnerships with mobile manufacturers and carriers to bring this technology to the market. The first device with the software is expected to hit the market in 2013.

This technology is nothing less than remarkable and was created by 4 PhD students from Denmark.

Would you want this technology in your smartphone or are you content to tap and drag?

Source:The Eye Tribe raises $800,000 to let you control your phone with your eyes

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