appbackr is Like Micro-Investing in Icon-Shaped Dreams

Have you ever thought about investing in the stock market, but perhaps you were a little nervous to take the plunge? Or maybe you look your smartphone and wish you could help get better apps to market?

Well now you too can dabble in micro-investing. You can also be involved in app funding thanks to an innovative company called appbackr. You may be thinking to yourself: “Huh?” And not too long ago, so was I. But I signed up to their emails and have been watching the site for a while. Every now and then a cool new app sparks my eye and I think about investing a little bit of cash into these developers businesses.

The best play to find out more about appbackr is via their website. But basically what you are doing is purchasing chunks of their apps at wholesale prices. The apps are sold sequentially and as soon as it sells the amount of apps needed to get to your chuck, you start making money. And some apps have a potential for BIG profit. image

For example, I just backed a $0.99 iPhone game that compares itself to Words With Friends called Gazookery. I purchased these App “shares” for $0.35 a copy. When my portion of the apps sell, I will get the profit from it. So on this apps I purchased $19.95 (57) worth of copies of the App. If all my shares of the app sell, I will be entitled to $30.78. That’s $10.83 profit. That’s a 54% return! Where else can you get that?

Here’s another cool thing: you have have an impact on if you’re the app is profitable for you. By promoting he app online and telling your friends about it offline, you increase your changes of making sure that all your shares of the app are purchased.

Here’s the other thing, on the app I signed up to back, the payouts are sequential. So if you sign up after me you will be the 12th backr –  and once the first 13118 copies of the app are sold at retail you will start to see your return. So if you see an app that you are just sure is going to be the next Angry Birds, you’d better sign up early and put a big hunk of cash behind it.

Apps on the marketplace can be either iOS or android so your Apple iPhone and your Samsung Galaxy are both covered.

Have you ever heard of appbackr? What apps would you back?


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    By chance I found your page tonight. I’m the guy behind Gadzookery. Thank you so much for backing my app, and for writing about it. It’s exciting for me! I started a promo tonight offering free appbackr micro investments in Gadzookery. If it it’s ok with you the link is here

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      I’m glad to help! The innovative spirit of app development is inspiring to me. When I see something cool and fun that someone just dreamed up, it reminds me of how much we can do when we put our minds to it. I hope your app is very successful.

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