True Blood: A Nurse’s Perspective

I have a soft spot for the supernatural.

Yes, yes. Not only is this nurse nerdy, she’s a tad bit weird too.

Give me a good conspiracy theory, vampire movie, bigfoot documentary, or any other similar item of oddity and I’m glued to the TV screen. Because of my great curiosity with fantastical creatures and cryptozoology, I totally dig a show that’s based in the real world but throws in mythical creatures to stir things up a bit. For this, and many other reasons, I love the HBO drama True Blood.

But something started to bother me recently while watching True Blood. There’s the vampires who want to pay nice with the humans and then there’s the vampires who believe humans should be farmed like cattle. Because humans are nothing more than sustenance to these dark creatures.

The reason that I think this is bothering me stems back to a few seasons earlier when Sookie nearly died and Bill gave her his vampire blood (V, for your fang-bangers) and it completely brought her back from the edge of death.

The nurse is me keeps thinking “Why are they keeping this a secret?”

Vampires would stand to gain a greater food supply if they donated vampire blood to save people who are sick or wounded. And it wouldn’t have to be just a one way street. Family members and loved ones could donate human blood back to the vampires to nourish.

It could be a giant happy circle of vampire an human life.

No need for violence. Vampire blood for human blood. Human blood for vampire blood.

A give and take that would sustain vampires and cure humans of any and all ailments that are afflicting us.

Vampire blood would be the greatest thing to ever hit healthcare.

  • Comorbidities = Gone
  • Terminal illness= history
  • Cancer = none
  • Pain and Suffering from poor health = non-existent
    What a world it might be if we had a wonder cure like True Blood.

And then the show ends and I realize “it’s just a dumb TV show Brittney. Stop trying to solve the problems of fictional TV land.”

Being a nurse makes carefree television watching nearly impossible.


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    I have one addition to the positives of vampire blood — Eric Northman. Oh yeah baby. Can I have an Amen?

    *Sorry. I’m usually a bit more reserved on medical/health care sites, but TrueBlood makes me think of Eric and Eric, well, makes me think of Eric.

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