Breast Cancer Hurts: Why Helping Women Facing it Now is Important


Every year in October, the world seems a little pinker. Breast cancer becomes the center of attention and everyone is just a little more aware of a cancer that touches so many lives. But breast cancer is confined to the month of October. And just because there aren’t pretty pink ribbons everywhere doesn’t mean that there needs to be any less attention given to the devastating disease and the men and women who are facing it right now.

Breast cancer is devastating for a number of reason. One of the primary reasons that it hurts so many is because it is one of the most common forms of cancer. Breast cancer is the 2nd most common form of cancer. It is surpassed only by lung cancer. And even though women are 100 times more likely, both men and women face the same survival rates. The Breast Cancer Society has more breast cancer facts.

A breast cancer diagnosis can completely change someone’s life. When a woman is faced with breast cancer there are often changes in perspective. Rather than worry about what she will make for lunch for her children, her thoughts shift focus to whether she will see them graduate high school. For a brief period of time, the focus is on all the potential milestones she might miss. But then, for most, the focus shifts back to more immediate concerns.

imageThey hug their kids a little harder. The stop to enjoy the little things. They focus on ways to improve their lives so that they can either defeat their cancer or at least have a good quality of life for their remaining years.

But during that time many women are left to wonder how they will be able to meet their needs and the needs of their family. Financial and emotional needs are at an all time high when someone is facing a breast cancer diagnosis.

There are many breast cancer fundraising organizations that focus primarily on research. We need research. It helps the greater good in the long rung. But what about the people who are battling breast cancer right now? What about the women who can’t pay their bills, don’t want to look in the mirror, or can’t afford their medicine? Who helps them?

There are few organizations that focus on the immediate needs of breast cancer victims. One of those organizations is The Breast Cancer Society, Inc. They are different because their focus is on the needs of women who are battling breast cancer now by providing assistance to meet the needs of their families today. They help financially, with treatment, home care, as well as a range of other goods and services to help women face their own personal battle with breast cancer.

As important as funding research for breast cancer is, we cannot lose focus on the victims of breast cancer right now. So the next time you wear your pink ribbon and donate to a breast cancer support organization, make sure you are completely aware of what you are supporting. If you were facing a breast cancer diagnosis today, what would you want?


Would you want funding for research or would you want support now with fighting your own personal cancer battle?

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    Brit,I just wrote on rant on this,and was told I am posting to quickly,don’t know if my rant made it into your blog. So here I go again…I was diagnosed with breast cancer right after I was “allowed” to return to work…in response to your article….I hate the pink movement….we can fly a man to the man…we can tweet,text,skype,google earth,etc….but there is no cure for the 2nd mot common cancer? hogwash. The pink ribbon movement is exactly that…a MOVEment… to MOVE our minds away from the thought of a cure,to the pretty pink ribbons….pink ribbons…to sugarcoat it all…research? c’mon! What we need is help with the bills,help keeping our electricity on….I also have ms and I feel the same way about research for a cure….take your research money,your money you raise to walk,run,bikeride to raise money for research and help those of us with the financial burden of ms…MS is the most expensive disease to manage…fact. livestrong. hahahaha. another movement created by a lying sociopath….so,that’s how I feel,and sorry to be so crass.

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