Over-sharing Online: How to Avoid Being a Victim and Really Annoying

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Social media has opened up new opportunities to share information readily and easily online. If you are wanting to share information about yourself, your passions, your hobbies, and any other topic you merely have to glide your fingers across the keyboard of your laptop of tap the screen of your smart phone. It’s easier than ever to share your likes, dislikes, and anything else you darn-well-please anytime you like with almost anyone you want.

However, before you go sharing anything and everything online you should think about a few key points:

  • There is such a thing as over-sharing. It’s both annoying and childish to post every 15 minutes about every detail of your existence. In addition to the fact that you’ll likely have poor online relationships you can also just reveal too much.
  • You do not want to make yourself a target for crime by posting too much information online. If you post about being home alone you’re setting yourself up for an encounter you’d prefer to avoid. If you say you’re not at home and it’s clear based upon your timeline that you live alone, you are setting yourself up to be robbed.
  • You are a role model for your children. If you wouldn’t want them sharing it about themselves online then you probably shouldn’t share it yourself. So the next time you start to post about the color of your underwear or contents of your glass, you might want think again. Would you want your kid to do the same?
  • You’re embarrassing your kids. I know you think that every thing your child does is precious and you should share it with the world, but honestly your kids are going to hard a hard time dealing with all those naked pictures you put up on facebook.
  • Don’t put yourself or your family in harm’s way by over-sharing.
  • Be smart. Be aware. Don’t over-share!

Help! I’ve Done All That But My Info Still Got Out There.

But what happens when personal information that you don’t want shared with the world is suddenly revealed on the internet? What happens when you aren’t the one doing the sharing? What if your identity is stolen and your personal data is being shared with criminals in one of the various forums that exists with the primary intent of sharing stolen information. How do you go about removing personal information from the internet?

And  here’s something even scarier to consider: Your personal information might be out there right now and you may not even know about it.

How do you find out if your personal information is being shared or possibly even sold on the internet?

Hire an identity theft monitoring service.

There are many options to choose from that all offer a variety of services to help keep you safe online. And the price tag attached to the services is small compared to the peace of mind they deliver.

Your identity is very valuable. The average identity is worth $5000 and 9 million identities are stolen each year in the United States alone. That’s a profitable criminal industry!

Protect yourself initially by being aware of how much you share. And go the extra mile by making sure others aren’t sharing your stolen information.


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    I agree that people are setting themselves up for being targeted if they post that they are home alone or the house is empty. However, how often people post things/change their status is their choice and whether it annoys others is just a matter of opinion. We can unsubscribe to people’s updates if it gets annoying. =)

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