iPhone More Loved Than Facebook [Infographic]

Survey Says: We Don’t Care About Facebook.

Well, we care about facebook, but not as much as we care about our iPhones. In a survey of over 1000 people 67% said they would give up facebook accounts before handing over their iPhone.

I bet Zuckerberg would crap his pants over this one as would the new stockholders… and they’d probably be using an iPhone while doing it.

Some people REALLY love their iPhone and would trade coffee, showers, or even sex! If their giving up showers and coffee they’re probably pretty irritable and smelly anyway so I don’t think they’ll have to worry about avoiding sex because I’m pretty sure it will be avoiding them. But I guess it’s good that they weren’t asked if they would give up going to the bathroom all together since 8/10 admit to using the iPhone while on the toilet.

We’ve become so attached to our mobile devices we are even using them in church. 3/10 reported using their iPhone during religious services, but I honestly think the number is much higher than that.

Without further delay, here’s a purdy infographic that gives the results of the survey that Gazelle ran.

iphone facebook infographic

We’ve used our iPhones to replace a boatload of gadgets. These include: Portable Gaming Devices, Watches, Video Cameras, GPS, PDA, Cameras, and MP3 players or iPods.

What have you found yourself not needing now that you have an iPhone?

Would you give up facebook over your iPhone?


image: Gazelle

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