Intel Ultrabook: Social Experiments in Temptation

The following video is a pretty interesting social experiment performed by intel to see just how far people would go to get their hands on a new ultrabook.

I can’t say I’d have the cojones to walk up and break the glass and grab it for myself. Because, that’s, well… stealing. And this nerd don’t play that game. I am interested in knowing what the translation was on the glass. Because if it said “Break this glass for a free ultrabook,” I’d probably be climbing over people to do it.



There’s just something so attractive about well designed electronics. Ultrabooks are making computers every feel a little more self conscious. In terms of laptops, they are sexy beasts, after all.

I think I much prefer this challenge.

You have to punch the hardest to unlock the computer. Now see this one requires actual effort and is a challenge to actually win a competition of sorts. It’s also great to see how much fun everyone is the audience is having to see who has the strength to win the computer.


I may be a bit odd for this, but all the while I kept thinking “That computer is worth more than most of those people make in 3 months.” I wonder if the people in the streets realized that or if they were just impressed with it’s appearance and knew it had inherent value.

Technology is expensive and not everyone in the world can afford to have it and all it’s luxuries

More videos from Intel® about the Ultrabook  Temptations experiments can be found here:

 What what you do to get your hands on an Ultrabook?



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