Self-Driving Cars: Putting the Auto on Autopilot [Infographic]


Movies like Demolition Man, The Fifth Element and iRobot just make my nerdy little heart skip a beat.

What’s so GREAT about these Action Flicks?

We’ll first of all they AMAZING. Second they feature Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, and Will Smith.And third, they have self-driving cars.

I long for a car that drives itself. Even before I could drive, I was dreaming up ways to make cars maneuver the road without human intervention. At the ripe age of 10, I developed a complex system in my head of road sensors and car communication. Of course this was years before the wifi technology that would allow this to easily happen.

Humans Are Distracted and Unsafe

Humans are emotional and often unfocused beings. This is especially so when they are performing monotonous tasks like driving. We often day dream and allow ourselves to become distracted. We text and drive, check emails, talk on the phone, and other activities which take our attention from the road. We are given the ability to cruise around in 2 ton death-machines and we often have little respect for that massive responsibility.

If you consider the fact that in 2009 5,474 people in the US were killed because of distracted driving, there is a real and immediate need to eliminate the human element in driving.

With more and more people having their smartphones glued to their hands, this number is only going to get higher. Just decreasing the risks of distracted driving alone make this technology a welcome innovation for daily living.

The Infographic below highlights Driverless Cars and End of Distracted Driving:


Via Mashable – Driverless Cars of the Future Are Here Now [INFOGRAPHIC] Infographic courtesy


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    Fascinating post, Brittney. The stats about distracted driving are so revealing. I’m psyched to learn about cars that drive themselves! OMG….do you see some interesting opportunities in nursing? Hey, home care nurses could document instead of drive!

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