Child Identity Theft: Protecting Our Kids from Threats

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baby Having a child adds an entirely new dimension to your existence. You now have another life that you are responsible for. Not only are you tasked with ensuring their basic needs are met, but you are also responsible for protecting them from threats both tangible and virtual.

We protect our children from so much so often. We kiss their boo-boos and do our best to ensure that they are safe, happy, and learn lessons with us in the sidelines, so that we can help to catch them when they fall.

We do our best to protect them in every way we can think of.

But what about the ways we don’t think of?

Your Child’s Identity Needs Protection

You’ve likely never thought of the need to protect your child’s identity.

In fact, you’ve probably only just recently thought of the need to protect your own identity. Services like IDENTITY GUARD® and others have been around for a while, but many are unsure of the value these companies have in protecting them. But just like any crime, you truly don’t understand the damage it can do to your life until you are a victim.

So if you’ve not taken imitative to protect your own identity, it’s likely that the thought of your child’s identity being compromised hasn’t even crossed your mind. I can tell you that honestly, I had thought little of it before exploring the kID Sure℠and related facts.

Child ID theft is on the rise and it’s important to take a proactive approach to protected your child. With child identity theft becoming the fastest growing crime, with over 500,000 incidents reported annually, it is definitely an area of your child’s safety and security that you need to be thinking of . Otherwise they may find at 18, when they are applying for student loans and such, that someone has already established a massive amount of credit card debt with their social security number.

babybill It’s sad and unfortunate, but somebody somewhere could be racking up bills in your toddler’s name.

How Can Your Child’s Identity Be Compromised?

You may be asking yourself how identity theft happens.

There are several ways that your child’s information can fall into the hands of criminals.

We Just Hand Our Child’s Social Security Number Right Over

ry%3D400 Places you give your child’s social security number without even thinking twice about it:

  • Doctor’s Office
  • Dentist’s Office
  • School
  • Insurance Forms
  • Team Sports
  • Tax Forms

We simply hand it over without thinking twice.

We assume they need it right?

I am guilty myself of filling out forms, almost mindlessly, filling in every box. I have thought, in the back of my mind, “do they really need all this.” But in the past, I have neglected to question or challenge it. I won’t try to make excuses, but the nurse in me is a stickler for thorough documentation, so perhaps that is why I have felt the need to dot every I and cross every T. However, after learning about how devastating and also how common child identity theft is, I am certainly going to think twice about giving out those digits unless it is truly necessary..


They Don’t Need Your Kids Social Security Number

But the fact of the matter is that they don’t. A doctor’s office doesn’t require it, and you can choose to omit it. They cannot deny your child healthcare because you don’t fill out that box. The same is true for school enrollment in most states. Unless you are in one of the few states that actually do require it, you can choose to omit your child’s social security number. One way criminals can steal your child’s Identity is by guessing their social security number. That one is the hardest to prevent. Unless of course they don’t have one. You likely have never thought of it, because it’s just one of the many forms that you are asked to fill out in the hospital. but your child doesn’t actually need a social security number until they turn 18, or seek employment.

Just Say No

You can exercise your right to omit your child’s social security number in most places you might feel it is required. It’s usually not, and one less piece of paper floating around with your child’s identity on it is one more way to protect them from a criminal act and a lifelong battle that Identity theft often comes with.

How to See if Your Child is a Victim and Reduce the Threat of an Identity Theft:

identity-theft-identity-guard-logo-300x111 You can check out several free resources and ebooks,because “the more you know about identity theft, the better.”  You can find out more about IDENTITY GUARD®  to check and monitor your own identity for attacks. kID Sure is their option to check and monitor your child’s identity for threats and prevent attacks. You can also search twitter for more info on Child ID protecting by using the following hash tags: #kIDsure and #IDThef

disclosure: This service was provided to me for review at no charge. In addition I received monetary
compensation. All opinions are my own.

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