Short Takes: Narratives by Nurses – What I Love Most About Nursing

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As part of Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future, a group of nurses were asked a series of questions and in recorded their own video responses. I was honored to be asked to participate in the promotion of nursing. I’ll refrain from making this another post about the fantastic things that Johnson and Johnson are doing, but I will say that they honor and uplift nurses and for that I am very thankful.

These are the 2nd in the webisode series in which nurses where asked “What do you love most about nursing.” You’ll find the answers below. I encourage you to share yours with us in the comments section below as well.

What I love Most About Nursing

Donna N., a nurse educator in New York, NY

Bill K., a pediatric nurse in Los Angeles, CA

Lisa H., a nursing student in Huntsville, AL


Brittney W., a nurse informaticist in Villa Rica, GA

Campaign for Nursing’s Future

Again I applaud this effort to promote nurses and the wonderful profession that it is. If you aren’t already aware of the wonderful work being done by Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future  I encourage you to educate yourself of the great work they do. They provide many resources to help nurses, students, and patients.

You should can also check out Johnson & Johnson’s Nursing Notes Facebook Page to connect with other nurse and to see more content for nurses and much of it by nurses. They also have Johnson & Johnson’s Health Channel on YouTube which features a variety of health topics.

More of the Nursing Notes Webisode Series:

Again, I ask you to share with us:

What do you love most about nursing?


Full disclosure: I have not received any compensation from Johnson & Johnson to write this post. I was blessed by their generosity and received a scholarship to blog world expo where I was able to connect with talented and dynamic individuals in the realm of healthcare social media. They did not request I write this post, and I am doing so of my own inclination. I truly feel that Johnson & Johnson do great things for the nursing profession. In my humble opinion they have done more to promote a positive image of nursing to the general public than any other organization. I am proud to share with all of you the positive messages they have to share with and about nurses.

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