Short Takes: Narratives by Nurses – What I Love Most About Nursing


As part of Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future, a group of nurses were asked a series of questions and in recorded their own video responses. I was honored to be asked to participate in the promotion of nursing. I’ll refrain from making this another post about the fantastic things that Johnson and Johnson are doing, but I will say that they honor and uplift nurses and for that I am very thankful.

These are the 2nd in the webisode series in which nurses where asked “What do you love most about nursing.” You’ll find the answers below. I encourage you to share yours with us in the comments section below as well.

What I love Most About Nursing

Donna N., a nurse educator in New York, NY

Bill K., a pediatric nurse in Los Angeles, CA

Lisa H., a nursing student in Huntsville, AL


Brittney W., a nurse informaticist in Villa Rica, GA

Campaign for Nursing’s Future

Again I applaud this effort to promote nurses and the wonderful profession that it is. If you aren’t already aware of the wonderful work being done by Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future  I encourage you to educate yourself of the great work they do. They provide many resources to help nurses, students, and patients.

You should can also check out Johnson & Johnson’s Nursing Notes Facebook Page to connect with other nurse and to see more content for nurses and much of it by nurses. They also have Johnson & Johnson’s Health Channel on YouTube which features a variety of health topics.

More of the Nursing Notes Webisode Series:

Again, I ask you to share with us:

What do you love most about nursing?


Full disclosure: I have not received any compensation from Johnson & Johnson to write this post. I was blessed by their generosity and received a scholarship to blog world expo where I was able to connect with talented and dynamic individuals in the realm of healthcare social media. They did not request I write this post, and I am doing so of my own inclination. I truly feel that Johnson & Johnson do great things for the nursing profession. In my humble opinion they have done more to promote a positive image of nursing to the general public than any other organization. I am proud to share with all of you the positive messages they have to share with and about nurses.


  1. Lauren says

    This is a great example set by Johnson and Johnson for many professionals. Its really great to know that big company like Johnson and Johnson cares for the people who work in medical field. This article is a good source of encouragement for all the nurses.

    • says

      Thank you very much.

      I have hoped over to your blog and I really enjoy what I am seeing.
      thank you for taking the time to comment and for contributing excellent content to the blogosphere yourself!

  2. Leanne Meier says

    I consider being a nurse over 35 years to be the BEST possible work I could have chosen. While I worked in nearly every are of Hospital nursing, my passion was Labor and Delivery. After an injury that would not allow me to do this work anymore, I realized what I loved most was helping someone at a time that they believed they could not do what they needed to do (have a baby) and not only got them through it, but helped them be there own shero! I have transferred that skill to other ways of helping women. A few years ago I reregistered for my license on-line and accidently forgot to push send. I was unaware of the mistake until my next registration. When I realized what happened, I cried for months, not because I still needed the license for my job, but because I felt stripped of one thing that was SO important to me. I recently completed an RN refresher course and am again registered in my state! I am so proud to state that I am an RN! Leanne Meier

  3. says

    Awesome! I loved seeing the person behind the scenes! I’m so glad you were chosen, loved your reasons for nursing and variety is also one of favorites! I haven’t switched roles yet from an inpatient nurse but I’m sure the day will come someday to find a new purpose for my skills! Thanks for sharing :)

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