My Diet Coach Pro: Android App Review

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My Diet Coach Pro is the follow-up to the popular My Diet Coach Android App which has had over 25,000 downloads on Google’s Android Marketplace.

 The $1.99 Android app builds upon the features that users loved in the original version with added features they’ve been waiting for. My Diet Coach Pro has motivational weight-loss tips, reminders, diet diary, exercise plans, weight tracking and charting, calorie counters and calculators, all wrapped up into one tidy little app.


With the Holidays just around the corner and the temptations of all those calorie rich goodies just a few weeks ago, it’s prime time to get yourself to start to make yourself aware of your eating habits.

Something I find appealing about this app it is a total solution. Anyone who has dieted can tell you that dieting alone does not work. What has to happen in order for you to be successful and maintain your ideal weight, you have to make lifestyle changes. It takes diet, exercise, and a change in mindset. This App alone will not make you lose weight. However, My Diet Coach Pro can help you to stay on track when you’re ready to make a lifestyle change.


Another interesting fact about this App is that the original My Diet Coach was developed by the creatorAnat Levy while on maternity leave. She found that despite the hoards of calorie counting apps available, there were none that dealt with the mental challenges and emotions related to maintaining a diet. In the entrepreneurial and empowered woman spirit, she realized she would just have to create it herself.


After the marked success of the free version of the App, users have demanded more. Anat Levy, through Inspired Apps, answered the call.


 You can download My Diet Coach – PRO via the Android Market Place for $1.99. or if you want to give it a try pick up the My Diet Coach for FREE!






Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. The opinions stated above are my own. I have not had the opportunity download this app because I do not have an Android device. However, I have read positive reviews and like the features this app offers. I also totally dig that this app woas developed by an emopowered woman who acknowledges the key role emotions play  in diet and weight management.

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