GIANTmicrobes Gift Box Review and Giveaway


GIANTmicrobesGIANTmicrobes take microscopic, sometimes scary bacteria and body parts and blow them up into a larger than GIANT versions of their scientifically accurate little selves. They’re a fun learning aid and cute way to incorporate a little more science into your life.

As a nurse I spend a large amount of my time attempting to ward off these nasty little boogers, but when you make the cute and cuddly, they become downright charming. I really like the idea of using these in children’s hospitals to teach immune compromised children about their illnesses. Sick kids have a hard enough road to face without fearing what their bodies are facing. The empowerment that having their very own pet germs (GIANTmicrobes) would surely be motivational to any child or adult battling illness.

giant microbes nurse christmas boxAnother great idea is to use the GIANTmicrobes mini microbe ornaments to decorate your hospital or medical office Christmas tree. Imagine the attention your unit would get if you had the microbe covered tree! If you’re department is involved in any seasonal decorating contest, I can predict a win if you were to incorporate these in your holiday decor. And can you even begin to imagine to kicks that the patients and family would get out of a microbe covered tree? What a excellent satirical way to deck the halls with boughs of E.Coli…

I know traditionally you’re not supposed to put up the tree until the day after Thanksgiving, but when this box of gems …er…germs arrived in the mail, I had to stop myself from running downstairs and getting the tree. Ok. Technically I had to stop myself from telling my husband to run down stairs and  get the tree.  But you get the picture.

I really love the concept of these cuddly little microbes.

My husband was particularly excited to be able to have a visual aide of the types of things you might not want to see on your chicken. He was even more excited that I didn’t make him bring up the tree just yet. Traditions saved him a trip to the basement… for now.

GIANTmicrobesGIANTmicrobes sort of remind me of cuddly zombies. I mean germs and zombies are scary and nasty, but when you turn them into a plush, you just can’t help but want to own one. Come on. You cannot deny that you don’t want your very own cuddly zombie. I can’t be the only one… can I?

Surely though, you’ll find GIANTmicrobes to be an awesome addition to your family. No only do they have these great holiday gift boxes, but a variety of other goodies that would thrill any nurse in your life. Nurses are a different bread of folks, and I don’t think I’ve met one who wouldn’t be ticked pink to have a few of these to call their own.

If you happen to be particularly nerdy, then you’ll be thrilled to know that if you have a specific germ you’re after, then it very well may be in their GIANTmicrobe arsenal.

The GIANTmicrobe Ornament Boxes include the following:

Christmas Tree Box Ornaments:
Trim your tree with Common Cold, Brain Cell, Kissing Disease, E. coli and the limited edition Red Amoeba, festively adorned with a Santa hat, candy cane, mistletoe, reindeer antlers, and winter scarf.

NEW! Christmas Stocking Box includes:
Penicillin, Salmonella, Red Blood Cell, Dust Mite and limited edition Green Amoeba! Festively adorned with decorative puffs, embroidered holly, snowflakes, reindeer nose and antlers, and cute scarf and ear muffs!

Get Your Very Own Box of GIANTmicrobes

You can pick up your own box of GIANTmicrobe Holiday Cheer to keep for yourself or spread some microbe joy with for $24.95. (PS: This is totally an AWESOME idea for a White Elephant/Dirty Santa gift at the perfect price point!)

Check of the Vinyl Microbes they just added to their product line. These look like the coolest toddler bath toys ever!

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Disclosure: I received a box of GIANTmicrobe holiday ornaments free of charge to facilitate this post. I have not been paid for this content. Opinions stated are my own. And yes, I am a weirdo who’d like to have my very own plush zombie. If you make those, email me. I want one!


  1. niki ( @strawbrykiwi ) says

    I’ve caught the rhinovirus enough I’d love to catch a much cuter version! Love following The Nerdy Nurse on Twitter!

  2. Lisa says

    I love them all!! If I had to choose, I think E. Coli and Penicillin are my favorites. My nephew is graduating from college and starting Med School soon, so this would be a perfect gift for him! Thanks!!
    P.S. Love your site – I will definitely be back!

  3. Sarina says

    How cute is Pencillin!!!? I majored in biology in college and microbio was by far one of my most favorite undergraduate courses. I’ve always liked Penicillium chrysogenum because of its distinct shape. It looks even cooler (and a lot cuter and less harmful) as a stuffed microbe. I’m a bit of nerd, I know, and these are totally up my alley!


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